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5 Best Tasting Dark Chocolate Bars

5 Best Tasting Dark Chocolate

Are you searching for the best tasting dark chocolate? Unlike milk chocolate varieties, dark chocolate is a lot more decadent, and it’s much easier to limit yourself to just a few pieces.

As you are consuming less, it makes sense to ensure you truly enjoy every single mouthful. So, if you want to experience the best mouth-watering flavors, below you’ll discover 5 of the best tasting dark chocolate you can buy.

1. Trader Joe’s 72% dark chocolate

Trader Joe’s

Rated as one of the best dark chocolate bars money can buy, this delicious variety from Trader Joe’s is guaranteed to please. It’s imported from Belgium and it benefits from a smooth mouth-watering texture.

What really sets this one apart is its slightly sweeter taste. So, if you’re usually a milk chocolate fan and you’re a little wary of switching to darker varieties, this is definitely the one for you.

2. Perugina 60% dark chocolate

Perugina Chocolate Bar

There’s actually quite a few strengths available in the Perugina range, but the 60% has generated some of the best reviews. It’s creamy, smooth and not overpowering. There’s a really rich taste to it too.

Careful with this one though – you may want more than a few pieces!

3. Valrhona Le Noir Amer 71% dark chocolate

Valrhona Le Noir Amer

So far, we’ve listed some pretty mild and creamy flavors, but what about your options if you’re a serious dark chocolate lover? Even avid dark chocolate fans will be impressed by the bitter, complex taste of Valrhona Le Noir Amer 71% dark chocolate.

A great tip with this one is to pop it in the mouth, hold it for a while and let it melt. Then consume it slowly, letting all of the complex flavors slowly release into the mouth.

4. Pure Dark 70%

Pure Dark

If you’re looking for a dark chocolate with a twist, this Pure Dark 70% bar is exactly what you need. It boasts a beautiful tropical flavor that’s slightly fruity. Great for a treat and for those looking for something a little more unique.

5. Scharffen Berger 70%

Scharffen Berger

Also referred to as a baking chocolate, this little beauty is also great to snack on. If you like your dark chocolate to taste bitter, this is definitely the one for you. It’s rich, but also creamy – something high percentage dark chocolate doesn’t typically do.

Overall, there’s a lot of unique dark chocolate bars out there, but the 5 above are definitely some of the best. No matter what type of taste you prefer, be it mild, unusual or bitter – there’s a dark chocolate in the list above to suit you.