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Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds Review

Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds

Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds Review – Looking for a healthy snack that also offers numerous health benefits? These Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds are exactly what you need.

Gluten and sodium free, these Californian almond snacks are both indulgent and healthy, provided they are eaten in moderation.

Crunchy and smooth – the perfect combination

dark chocolate covered almondsThis delicious snack combines the perfect mix of smooth and crunchy textures. If you like your nuts to be super-crunchy and your chocolate to be smooth and rich, you’ll simply love these.

The exact cocoa content isn’t listed, but from the reviews received, it appears the chocolate used is quite strong. Therefore, they are best suited to those who love dark, rich and slightly bitter dark chocolate. If you’re more of a milk or mild dark chocolate fan, you’ll probably find these a little too strong to suit your tastes.

Delicious AND healthy

Not only do these dark chocolate covered almonds taste amazing, but they also come with some pretty great benefits too.

They contain zero artificial colors and are a great source of both fiber and iron. There is however, a lot of calories and sugar per serving (approximately .25 cup serving size), so they should be eaten with moderation.

The good news is, as the chocolate is so rich, they’ll leave you feeling satisfied after just a few. Many customers have reported that they eat far fewer of these chocolate covered almonds than they would with a standard candy bar. So, if you’re trying to watch your weight but you don’t want to give up the odd delicious chocolate treat, these are highly recommended.

A bumpy, messy appearance with a delicate, smooth taste

One of the things that stands out about these chocolate covered almonds is the rough, sugary coating. It appears powdery and gives the chocolate a messy look that doesn’t appear very appetizing. However, looks can be deceiving and while they may appear messy, they are surprisingly neat to eat.

Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds

The messy look comes from the turbinado sugar and sea salt sprinkled over the surface. It provides a bumpy, powdery look, but they won’t leave a powdery mess behind. The mixture of sea salt and sugar also provides a very unique, interesting flavor. Some of the almonds are sweeter, while others are saltier.

So, if you’re looking for rich, unique tasting dark chocolate almonds, these ones from Trader Joe’s are exactly what you need. They come highly recommended, but remember they are quite strong so would ideally suit the more serious dark chocolate lover.

Overall, they are a little more expensive than some other varieties, but the unique taste and high-quality chocolate makes them a worthwhile treat.