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Lindt Excellence Extra Dark Chocolate Review

Lindt Excellence Extra Dark Chocolate

Lindt Excellence Extra Dark Chocolate Review –  When you’re looking for high-quality dark chocolate, Lindt is one of the best brands to consider. The company has established a remarkable reputation for creating some of the richest-tasting, best quality chocolate in the world.

There’s numerous different flavors and strengths to choose from, but if you’re looking to experience the full health benefits dark chocolate provides, you’ll want to opt for the 85% cocoa variety.

Dark, smooth and rich – just the way it should beLindt Excellence Extra Dark Chocolate bar

At 85% in strength, the Lindt Excellence Extra Dark Chocolate bar is one of the richest varieties on offer; perfect for serious dark chocolate lovers.

As the smooth chocolate melts in the mouth, it reveals deeper, complex layers of impressive flavors. Eating a few pieces of this bar takes you on a unique tasting journey which really ignites the senses, leaving you feeling 100% satisfied.

Providing excellent value for money

As the chocolate is so dark and rich, it leaves you feeling satisfied after just a couple of pieces. This means you won’t over-indulge, making it great for those trying to lose weight.

Dark chocolate, when eaten in moderation, can really aid in weight loss, as well as provide incredible health benefits.

The fact that you won’t be eating as much of the chocolate in one go, as you would with milk or weaker cocoa variations, means it also lasts longer – making it fantastic value for money.

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Perfect to enjoy with a glass of wine

red wine and dark chocolateAs if you needed more of a reason to invest in this mouth-watering chocolate, it’s also advertised as being perfect with wine.

Both red wine and dark chocolate are renowned for their health benefits, so have them together and you’ve got the perfect pairing.

The manufacturer has even provided a taste guide to help you get the most out of this beautiful pair…

First, enjoy a little of the chocolate and wine individually. Then, place a piece of chocolate in the mouth and wait until it melts just a little.

When the chocolate notes are all that are left in the mouth, enjoy a sip of wine, holding it in the mouth for a few seconds. See just how intense and enjoyable the two flavors are when combined together.

If you try the bar and you find it a little too bitter, some people have found eating it with grapes really helps. Then, after a few days the palate becomes accustomed to the more intense flavor, and you’ll enjoy it just how it is.

Lindt Excellence Extra Dark Chocolate

Overall, Lindt Excellence Extra Dark Chocolate 85% cocoa is one of the best dark chocolate bars on the market. Why not stock up with this fantastic 12-pack, saving you money and giving you a healthy supply of this mouth-watering, rich and smooth chocolate?