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5 Dark Chocolate Recipes

5 Dark Chocolate Recipes

Dark chocolate is renowned for its impressive health benefits, but only when the cocoa content is at least 65%. When eaten in moderation, it can help boost heart health, slow down the signs of aging and help the body to combat numerous diseases.

While sitting and eating a few blocks of dark chocolate is a great way to enjoy its benefits, why not get creative and use it to create delicious recipes?

Here you’ll discover 5 dark chocolate recipes you absolutely must try.

  1. Mole Sauce

Authentic Mole Sauce

Authentic Mole Sauce – Photo by Calimomof4 (http://allrecipes.com)

To kick off, here’s a recipe that proves dark chocolate works just as well in a savory dish, as it does a sweet one. Mole sauce is a mixture of rich dark chocolate and chilies, creating a real delicious kick.

This sauce is especially great poured over enchiladas and it’s sure to become a family favorite. It does require quite a lot of ingredients, but it’s well worth both the cost and the effort. You can find the recipe here

  1. Deep, dark chocolate cookies

Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies

Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies – Photo by hperine (http://www.food.com)

Who doesn’t love the taste of rich dark chocolate cookies? This variation comes from the Bon Appetite test kitchen and it’s unique in the fact it doesn’t use flour.

They actually require very few ingredients, with the main ones including dark chocolate chips, powdered sugar, egg whites and unsweetened cocoa powder.

Get the recipe for this mouthwatering brownies here

  1. Baby carrots roasted in a balsamic chocolate sauce

Baby Carrots Roasted in a Balsamic Chocolate Sauce

Baby Carrots Roasted in a Balsamic Chocolate Sauce – Photo by Charity Burggraaf

Another great savory recipe, the balsamic chocolate sauce really livens up your carrots. Using honey, kosher salt, balsamic vinegar and 85% dark chocolate, it provides a velvety, rich texture that tastes beautiful over roasted carrots.

Find the recipe here

  1. Dark chocolate yellow cake

Dark Chocolate Yellow Cake

Dark Chocolate Yellow Cake – Photo by Tidymom

We couldn’t create a top 5 dark chocolate recipe list without a cake included! This fabulous dark chocolate yellow cake doesn’t just look amazing, it tastes amazing too!

Consisting of mouthwatering fudge chocolate icing, a layer of tasty raspberry preserves and topped with chocolate chips, this moist cake is sure to be a real crowd pleaser.

Take a look at the recipe here.

  1. Dark chocolate crepes

Dark Chocolate Crepes

Dark Chocolate Crepes – Photo by Elrie and Emma

Start your day the right way with these gorgeous dark chocolate crepes. While you’ll want to eat them every single morning, it is best to save these for a special treat.

They’re surprisingly easy to make, using just milk, eggs, dark cocoa, melted butter, water and flour. You will need to make them the night before however, as they do need to be left in the refrigerator overnight.

Get the recipe for these gorgeous crepes here

Overall, dark chocolate is a versatile ingredient that can be used in many savory and sweet dishes. The ideas above are just 5 great ways to ensure you gain the benefits of dark chocolate.