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4 Foods with Very Low Calorie Counts

4 Foods with Very Low Calorie Counts

At the end of the day, even the most complex diets come down to a simple fact: consume fewer calories and you will lose weight. However, this is easier said than done, largely because we are so used to eat chips, cookies, candy, and other high-calorie snacks in-between meals. If you are looking for some very low-calorie snacks to replace the typical lineup of chips and candy you are in luck because in this article, you will see 4 foods that have almost no calories.


While it isn’t very exciting, munching on celery is great because it is an extremely low-calorie snack. How low-calorie exactly? Well, for a long time it was actually considered to be a negative calorie food (which means you burned more calories eating it than you gained from the celery). While that is a common myth, it is based on some facts. Two very large pieces of celery will contain roughly 25 calories. Add some seasoning and you have a delicious snack that is high in fiber and contains basically no calories.


Although the idea that they are good for your eyes is a myth, carrots are still a wonder food for those on a diet. A regular sized carrot contains roughly 25 to 30 calories. So, you can chop up a bunch of carrots and not even reach 100 total calories. This is of course not mentioning all the various nutritional benefits of carrots. Add in some low-calorie, low-fat dip and you have an amazing snack to replace chips and dip.


This entry probably caught your eye, after all, so far, we have only listed vegetables, which, while healthy, are a bit boring. However, there are some fun and interesting snacks that also manage to be extremely low in calories. One such example is Jell-O, more specifically, sugar-free Jell-O. Sugar-free Jell-O tastes great and has a whopping 10 calories per serving. If you want to satisfy a sweet tooth without loading up on calories, it isn’t a bad option.


Pickles are a great snack option. Your average pickle has roughly 10 or so calories in it. So, you can chow down on a bunch and not even come close to 100 calories. What really makes pickles great is how flavorful they are. They aren’t just your average boring vegetable, they have a lot of kick to them and you can even make your own quite easily.