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How to Burn More Calories at Work?

How to Burn More Calories at Work

For a lot of people, work is a major roadblock for their attempts to lose weight. Work makes it harder to eat well since you have less time for cooking and there is nothing more tempting after a long day at work than some nice fast food. On the exercise front, work often makes you so tired that when you get home from work, the only thing that you want to do is put your head down and go to sleep. However, there are some ways you can burn calories at work.

Take The Stairs

You probably knew this was going to be the first thing that we mentioned. It is a fairly obvious piece of advice, so we won’t spend too much time on it. Suffice to say, if your workplace has stairs, you should be taking them as often as possible. Elevators are tempting, but you can burn a surprising number of calories by taking the stairs every time.

Replace Coffee and Smoke Breaks with Exercise

Does your work allow you to take regular breaks? If so, then you should be making use of those to burn calories. Rather than going for that 3rd cup of coffee or going for that cigarette, try going for a walk outside or going up and down the stairs a couple of times.

Keep Small, Portable Fitness Equipment with You

Because so many people suffer from the problem of work eating into their exercise time, portable exercise equipment is extremely popular. You can invest in things like small dumbbells, or portable ellipticals that you can use while sitting at a desk. These portable exercise tools are surprisingly affordable and very effective when it comes to helping you burn calories.

Stand Instead of Sitting

Standing desks are becoming a bigger thing in the corporate world. Not only is standing much better for your health overall, but it is also much better for productivity and for burning calories. If you haven’t already made the switch to a standing desk, you should seriously consider it.

Find Ways to Get Walking In

So, this point was kind of already covered earlier with the “take the stairs” mention above, but we figured that we discuss this idea separately. Walking is by far the best method for losing calories while working because it is simple, easy-to-do, and you can fit short walking sessions into your day quite easily. So, try to find ways to get more walking into your day. This can involve taking the stairs, as was discussed earlier, or it can involve taking longer routes to get to work, etc.