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Are There Certain Foods That Can Burn Calories?

Are There Certain Foods That Can Burn Calories

Did you know it takes 25 calories for your body to digest 100 calories worth of protein? In fact, your body uses calories every time it has to digest something, and that has led nutritionists to some great discoveries. While it takes fewer (about 15) calories to process the same number of fat or carb calories, your body will be burning at least a little bit every time you eat something.

Along these same lines, some have begun listing up “negative calorie foods” that require more calories to fully digest them than they contain. Celery and some berries are at the top of these lists, grapefruit and carrot follow soon after. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and watermelons are also on these lists–but does that mean you could treat eating these foods as a sort of digestive exercise?

Nutritionists aren’t so sure about that just yet, but these health foods do come with plenty of tasty benefits that make them worth adding them to your regular meal plan. It’s also worth noting a few other foods that can be enjoyed to help speed up your metabolism overall, which will help your body burn calories even when you’re not moving by raising your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Green tea is touted as one of the best things you can consume in order to speed up your metabolism. That means, if it holds true, drinking a cup or two a day could mean increased fat burning around the clock. Chili pepper and other spicy foods are said to do the same, and these low calorie options are a fantastic way to make your meals more interesting anyway.

Seaweed is yet another powerhouse claiming to boost your metabolism, and regular consumption of everything from fatty and filling avocado to legumes and cinnamon will definitely get your metabolism revved up and burning more.

Of course, behavioral tendencies also factor into your metabolism’s speed. How often you exercise and even how much muscle mass your body contains will impact your metabolism’s effectiveness. For max efficiency, look to eat healthy, move more, and build muscle. The more muscle you build, the more fat you’ll lose.