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5 Foods with the Most Hidden Calories

5 Foods with the Most Hidden Calories

One of the major issues that a lot of people suffer from when trying to diet is the prospect of “hidden calories.” As the name implies, hidden calories refer to calories that you wouldn’t expect to be in certain foods and drinks. Everyone out there knows that chocolate cake is loaded with calories, but not everyone knows that certain fruits are also loaded with calories. In this article, you will learn about 5 common foods and drinks that have a lot more calories than you would expect.


Coffee is the first on this list for a good reason, it can be absolutely loaded with calories and yet the vast majority of Americans consume multiple cups a day. Furthermore, there is a lot of very spurious information out there about coffee, with a lot of experts saying that it is good for you. Now, coffee is a thermogenic, which means that it does help you burn off calories, however, this effect is somewhat minor. It is also only true if you take your coffee black. Too many people load up their coffee with cream and sugar, which can turn a low-calorie into a drink that has over 100 calories.


Bagels are another food that lots of people chow down on every morning. A bagel from a popular chain like Dunkin Donuts can actually have somewhere in the vicinity of 400 calories, add in the cream cheese or butter that most put on it, and you have a piece of food that is verging on close to 500 calories. To put that in perspective, a Big Mac is close to 600 calories.


Salads are universally seen as a very healthy option, however, that isn’t always the case. Just eating a salad isn’t always a healthy option. It depends heavily on the type of salad. For example, 1 cup of Caesar salad can easily push upwards of 200 calories depending on the exact number of ingredients that you use and the amount of dressing that you use.


Nuts are often suggested as a good way of getting protein and other nutrients while cutting down on your meat consumption. While this is completely true, you have to be careful about overindulging because most nuts are absolutely loaded with calories.


By now you can probably guess where we are going with this. Yogurt is healthy, delicious, and filling, which is why so many people love it. However, regular yogurt can be loaded with calories and fat, and thus should be enjoyed in moderation.