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Top 5 Best Kettlebell Workout DVDs

Top 5 Best Kettlebell Workout DVDs

Best Kettlebell Workout DVDs 2019 – Starting out with kettlebell workouts can be a little daunting. You’ve got your kettlebell, but how on earth are you supposed to use it?

Thankfully, there’s a lot of great instructional DVDs out there to help you get the most from your trusty kettlebell. Here, we’ll look at the current top 5 best kettlebell workout DVDs currently available.

  1. Iron Core Kettlebell

Iron Core Kettlebell

This fantastic 4-disc DVD is renowned for its clear, simplistic instructions. Unlike a lot of kettlebell DVDs, this one doesn’t feature an annoying over-hyped instructor.

It provides plenty of information on the basics of kettlebell workouts, along with some tougher workouts to suit the more advanced user. It also helps that the instructor, Sarah Lurie, is a kettlebell expert so you can guarantee you’re going to be getting a fully effective workout.

  1. Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution

Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution

The Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution is more than a simple workout DVD. It comes with literally everything you need to achieve great results from your kettlebell workout – including two kettlebells weighing 3 pounds and 5 pounds. This makes it especially well-suited to the beginner.

Along with a fantastic workout, you’re also getting a nutrition solution guide. The fact the workouts included last just 20 minutes each also makes this really easy to do every day.

  1. Lauren Brooks’ The Kettlebell Body DVD

Lauren Brooks’ The Kettlebell Body DVD

This high intensity kettlebell workout is designed exclusively for the more advanced user. It’s also specifically designed to improve strength, rather than as a weight loss solution like many other kettlebell DVDs. That isn’t to say you won’t lose weight doing this, but it is more strength focused.

It’s also refreshing to see that the DVD features real people, rather than actors.

  1. SKOGG System Kettlebell Workout 5 DVD Set

SKOGG System Kettlebell Workout 5 DVD Set

If you’re looking for a comprehensive workout, the SKOGG System Kettlebell Workout 5 DVD Set is highly recommended. It focuses on working out the entire body to get you into the best shape of your life.

You can select which level you want to start out on and simply move onto the next DVD once you’re ready to progress. By following these DVDs for just 4 hours each week, you’ll see fantastic results.

  1. Bob Harper: Kettlebell Sculpted Body

Bob Harper Kettlebell Sculpted Body

Perhaps the most intense kettlebell workout DVD, Bob Harper: Kettlebell Sculpted Body really tests your endurance. It takes you through an intense 50-minute circuit training workout. So, if you’re a beginner you’re going to need to work up to this one.

It’s designed to push your body to the limit, helping you to work out harder than ever before. So, if you’re ready to push yourself to the next level, this is definitely the DVD you need.

Overall, there’s hundreds of DVDs out there, but these are currently the top 5 best kettlebell workout DVDs on the market.