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Kettlebell Tips for Beginners

Kettlebell Tips for Beginners

If you’re interested in adding kettlebell workouts to your exercise regime, there’s a few things you need to know before you start. In order to gain maximum benefits from this type of training, it’s vital you know exactly how it works and how to do it correctly.

Below you’ll discover some of the best kettlebell tips for beginners.

Always start out with lighter weights

Kettlebells come in a wide range of different weights. The lightest are 5lbs, but you’ll also find ones that weigh over 100lbs. It’s very important to make sure you’re starting off with a weight you’re most comfortable with.

Many beginners have learnt the hard way that starting out with a heavier kettlebell leads to both injury and accidents. Some have even discovered that using a kettlebell which is too heavy can easily slip out of the hands during a workout, sending it flying across the room.

So, don’t try to lift more than you can handle. You’ll need to work up to the larger weights gradually.

Train in small doses

Another important tip is to ensure you’re not starting out with an “all guns blazing” attitude. Just like it’s important to start out with a lighter weight, it’s equally as important to start by training in short sessions.

You’ll want to focus on doing kettlebell workouts frequently, in short training sessions to begin with. This will really reduce the risk of injury and allows your muscles to get used to the challenging movements over time.

Understanding the different types of kettlebells

Did you know there are different types of kettlebells available? They include:

  • Competition
  • Cast iron
  • Plastic or vinyl

If you’re a beginner, obviously you’re not going to need the competition kettlebells. So, should you choose the cast iron or plastic variations?

Cast iron are the traditional types of kettlebells and they tend to be the best type to use. Many beginners believe starting out with plastic or vinyl kettlebells would be better due to the reduced risk of injury if they drop them. However, plastic kettlebells are much more slippery and difficult to handle. So, the risk of injury actually increases.

You’ll also want to avoid kettlebells which come with a very thick handle. That’s because they are much more difficult to control if you cannot wrap your fingers fully around them.

These are just a few tips to consider when choosing the right type of kettlebell for you.

Always start with two handed workouts

Kettlebell workouts can be done with one or two hands. However, beginners should always start out with the two-handed workouts. Once you build up your strength, you can move on to one hand workouts.

Overall, there’s a lot to think about when you’re just starting out with kettlebell workouts. The above are some of the best tips to follow to get you started.