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Best Disc Golf Discs 2018

Best Disc Golf Discs

Top 5 Best Disc Golf/Frisbee Golf Discs 2018 to Bring to a Picnic

Best Disc Golf Discs 2018 – Frisbee golf or Disc golf is a great, fun family activity that’s perfect to play at a picnic. However, if you’ve never played before you’re going to need to invest in some good quality discs.

The trouble is, there’s so many different frisbee golf discs available that it can be hard to know which ones are best. So, to make your search that little bit easier, below We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best frisbee golf discs 2018 to bring to a picnic.

  1. Discraft beginner disc golf set

colorful 3-pack of frisbee discs

Discraft is a leader when it comes to frisbee golf discs, and this beginner’s set is perfect for taking on a picnic. It includes three discs – a driver, putter and mid-range disc. They come in bright, beautiful colors too, making them appeal more to kids.

These discs are PDGA approved and they’re advertised as being great for all skill levels. They’re designed with professional quality in mind so you know they’re going to deliver excellent results, all at a low, affordable cost.

  1. Driven Disc Golf Set – Innova Beginner Bundles

The great thing about this beginner’s set is it’s been put together by frisbee golf pros. They’ve chosen each disc with beginner’s in mind, meaning they’re the perfect weight and they’re also really easy to throw.

There’s five discs included in the set including two standard drivers, a fairway driver, a putter and a mid-range disc. The set also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you aren’t happy you can claim your money back within 30 days.

Don’t need five discs? There’s smaller, or even larger bundles available too.

  1. Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Pro Set Bundle

Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Pro Set Bundle

This beginner’s bundle is great to take on a picnic as not only does it include three high-quality discs, but it also comes with a handy bag to carry them in too.

The discs have been created with accuracy in mind and are especially well suited for kids to use. They do feature a fairly lightweight design, so if you’re just looking for discs to use during picnics, these are ideal. However, if you’re hoping to start playing frequently, you may be better suited to a higher-quality set.

  1. Innova Disc Golf DX 3

Innova Disc Golf DX 3

Another offering from top brand Innova, this 3-disc set is great for use at picnics. It provides you with everything you need to get started and many users have rated them as the best beginner discs they’ve ever tried.

Each of the three discs features a unique animal themed name such as shark and leopard. They’re also accompanied by pictures of each animal, making them particularly attractive to kids.

They’re described as being easy to throw and benefit from a lightweight design.

  1. Innova Champion Material Disc Golf, Set of 3

Innova Champion Material Disc Golf

The final discs worthy of a mention are yet another from industry leader, Innova. What sets these apart from the others on the list is their champion material. This ensures they are extra-durable and suitable for those who are looking to play frisbee golf on a more regular basis.

They’re a little heavier than most other beginner discs on the market, which makes them a great choice to use on a windy day. As the discs are more durable, they’re especially great for beginners as they won’t easily become damaged if they’re thrown into obstacles such as trees!

Overall, there’s so many different frisbee golf discs available, but the 5 above are currently the best on the market. Take into account how often you plan to use the discs before you choose the right ones as some are much more durable than others. All of the sets featured above are ideal to take on a picnic and will guarantee hours of fun.