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Discraft Beginner Disc Golf Set Review

Discraft Beginner Disc Golf Set Review

Discraft Beginner Disc Golf Set Review – If you’re looking to take up frisbee golf, the most important thing you’re going to need is a good set of discs. There’s a staggering number of golf discs on the market and not all of them are suitable for beginners.

When choosing beginner discs for example, it’s important to opt for a lightweight, plastic disc. That’s why this colorful Discraft beginner disc golf set is a perfect option.

3 top quality discs suitable for all skill levels

The Discraft set contains 3 different discs including a driver, mid-range and putter disc.Discraft Beginner Disc Golf Set

One of the discs included is known as the Surge, and it’s renowned for its superior design and performance. It’s especially great for throwing long distances and provides exceptional glide in moderate and calm winds. It’s so good, it was the disc chosen by Nate Doss, the 2007 World Champion.

Each disc has a different, bold color, so you’ll never get confused as to which one you should be using. It also means you’ll be able to locate them easily after you’ve thrown them.

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Guaranteed to last against even the toughest obstacles

A lot of beginner golf discs can be a little too flimsy. However, this set is designed to last. Even against the toughest obstacles such as trees, these discs will come out unscathed.

They’re capable of withstanding quite a lot of abuse, which is fantastic given the low-price tag. It is worth noting that the plastics and colors you receive may be slightly different to the ones pictured. However, whichever discs you do receive, you can be sure they feature the same high-quality design.

Providing a smooth, accurate flying experience

One of the key things beginners struggle with in frisbee golf, is getting the disc to fly straight. Some of the really cheap discs can be a little tricky to use as their lightweight design makes them easily veer off-course. Similarly, heavier, pro-style discs can be difficult to handle for beginners.

This set has been rated for its accuracy and straight flying feature. In terms of beginner discs, they’re one of the easiest sets to get to grips with. They’re even suitable for kids to use, so whatever your skill level or age, these are perfect.

Overall, the Discraft beginner disc golf set is one of the best quality, easiest to use sets on the market. Some people even sue them for their dogs, due to their fantastic flying ability and tough durability. So, if you’re looking for fun golf discs that are going to last the test of time, you can’t beat this fantastic quality set.