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5 Ways to Find Places to Play Frisbee Golf

If you’re looking for something fun to do this summer, frisbee golf is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It’s fun, affordable and easy to play once you research the basics.

However, one of the main questions people have when they are considering taking up this fun activity, is where can you play it? Is it something you can easily set up at home or do you need to go somewhere specific to play?

Here, you’ll discover 5 ways to find places to play frisbee golf.

  1. Look for a local course

The easiest way to find places to play frisbee golf is to look online. There’s dedicated websites designed specifically to help people locate their nearest frisbee golf course and they take just a few minutes to use.

Specialized frisbee golf courses are just like standard golf courses. However, you’ll also find many are set up in local parks.

Check out sites such as Disc Golf United to find your nearest course. Not only does it show you the nearest places to play, but it can also give you directions too.

  1. Head to the beach

One of the main criteria required to play frisbee golf is a large, open space. So, what better place to play it in the summer months than on a hot, sandy beach?

Now, the only thing to consider here is you will need a good amount of space to play. In summer, beaches can get pretty busy so you’re going to need to do a little research to find quieter beaches nearby.

Again, the internet is a fantastic tool here as you can look up the different beaches in your area and read reviews to see just how busy they’re likely to be.

  1. Hire a gym hall

If you’re looking to keep out of the hot sun while you play, hiring out a gym hall is a great idea. You’ll need to contact your local gyms to compare prices and see how frequently the halls are available.

This idea is best for larger groups of people where the cost of the hire can be shared. If there’s just two to four of you then heading out to the beach or a local park would be better.

  1. Head to a local park

Local parks tend to be one of the best places to play frisbee golf. As mentioned earlier, a lot of dedicated frisbee golf courses are located in local parks, but you can also easily set up your own little course.

Parks are usually large enough to play without worrying about other people getting in the way. They’re also free to use which is a big bonus if you haven’t got a large budget. You can use items such as trash cans, traffic cones or basically anything you can find to use as a “hole”.

  1. Use your back yard

Don’t fancy traveling far? You can set up your own mini frisbee golf course right in your own back yard. Now, a proper game of frisbee golf would require a pretty huge yard given the fact they consist of 18 holes! However, you can create your own mini-version to fit whatever size yard you have.

This is also a great idea for beginners as you can use your back yard to practice before you head out and play publicly. Even if your homemade frisbee golf course consists of just two holes – it gives you chance to practice throwing and hitting the goals.

These are just 5 ways to find places to play frisbee golf. The internet is a fantastic tool to use if you’re searching for local areas with large, open spaces, as well as dedicated courses.

Overall, frisbee golf is a fun, easy family activity that’s perfect to play in the summer months. Before heading out to play this great activity however, it’s worth reading up on the rules; especially regarding which type of frisbee you should be investing in.