• 5 Dark Chocolate Recipes

    Dark chocolate is renowned for its impressive health benefits, but only when the cocoa content is at least 65%. When eaten in moderation, it can help boost heart health, slow down the signs of aging and help the body to combat numerous diseases. While sitting and eating a few blocks of dark chocolate is a ...
  • 5 Best Tasting Dark Chocolate

    Are you searching for the best tasting dark chocolate? Unlike milk chocolate varieties, dark chocolate is a lot more decadent, and it’s much easier to limit yourself to just a few pieces. As you are consuming less, it makes sense to ensure you truly enjoy every single mouthful. So, if you want to experience the ...
  • Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds

    Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds Review – Looking for a healthy snack that also offers numerous health benefits? These Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds are exactly what you need. Gluten and sodium free, these Californian almond snacks are both indulgent and healthy, provided they are eaten in moderation. Crunchy and smooth – the perfect combination ...
  • Lindt Excellence Extra Dark Chocolate

    Lindt Excellence Extra Dark Chocolate Review –  When you’re looking for high-quality dark chocolate, Lindt is one of the best brands to consider. The company has established a remarkable reputation for creating some of the richest-tasting, best quality chocolate in the world. There’s numerous different flavors and strengths to choose from, but if you’re looking ...
  • The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

    Great news for chocolate lovers – eating a moderate amount could seriously boost your health. Now, before you get too excited, it’s worth pointing out we’re talking about dark chocolate here, not milk or white varieties. Those are great for a treat every now and again, but sadly they have very little nutritious content. Dark ...