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Sunhiker Sports Water Resistant Waist Pack Review

Sunhiker Sports Water Resistant Waist Pack

Sunhiker Sports Water Resistant Waist Pack Review

Sunhiker Waist BagDo you want to go hiking with your family, but don’t want to wear a backpack?  Or maybe you’d like something for each of your family members to carry that will hold a few things like their water and phone.

A backpack can get heavy especially for younger children or people who aren’t used of wearing one; however, you can get a waist pack that you can use instead.  The Sunhiker Sports Water Resistant Waist Pack with Water Bottle is a good one.  You can carry water as well as a few essentials.

All you do is attach it around your waist.  Then you’ll have your hands free to climb trails and being able to use your hands to grab onto rocks or tree trunks to stay balance and help you along the way.

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This waist bag doesn’t just work hiking, but many places like walking, cycling or when you go to an outdoor sports event.  You can also use it as a shoulder bag if you don’t want to wear it around your waist.

The water bottle is not included with this pack, but that means you can use your favorite one instead of one that they include.  Or you can buy cold water from the store and use that.  Not only that, but you can make the bottle stay in place by using the cinch at the top or you can adjust the strap around it.Sports Water Resistant Waist Pack with Water Bottle

You won’t have to worry about your water bottle falling out regardless of the size.  It fits the small bottles, as well as the bigger ones easily.

The Sunhiker Waist Bag is lightweight and has a lot of pockets that you can use for various items.  Use it to carry your phone, keys, camera, wallet or small change purse with you ID in it.  You’ll like that it has a hidden pocket behind the bottle that works for your keys.

It is made of easy to clean material and is water resistant.  So you can easily hike across rivers without worrying about your items getting wet.

You can easily size this fanny pack to fit your waist or around your shoulder.  It can stretch out quite a bit and is comfortable to wear.

When hiking or going on walk it is inconvenient to have to hold a water bottle, your keys and any other items you want or need to take with you.  With the Sunhiker Sports Water Resistant Waist Pack that takes care of the inconvenience.  You will have a hands free hike or walk with this pack.