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Motorola MT352R FRS Two Way Radio Review

Motorola MT352R FRS Two Way Radio

Motorola MT352R FRS Weatherproof Two-Way Radios Review

Motorola MT352R FRS Weatherproof Two-Way RadiosHiking is an activity that so many people enjoy.  They take their families out on the trails, they go camping and explore the area and they are just useful to have for a variety of reasons.  Even your kids will love to have a pair to talk to one another on.

There are so many options out there like the Motorola MT352R Two Way Radios.  But the key is to find walkie talkies that fit your needs.  So think about what you’ll be using them for.

Do you need them to have a long range to be able to talk far apart?  Or maybe you want to hike around rivers then you’ll need to think about if the ones you want are waterproof.

These two way walkies have a wide range of features that will fit a lot of different situations.  Take a look at the important aspects that you might want to consider when investing in a walkie talkie for your hiking purposes.

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The Motorola has the ability to secure onto something like your belt loop or a backpack.  You’ll want this so that you don’t accidentally lose your radio while you’re hiking up and around rocks or steep inclines in the path.

This is also waterproof or weather resistant.  When you’re hiking through the woods in an area that rains a lot or down by the water like a river you’ll want to find something that won’t break if you accidentally lose your balance while trying to cross the river

The talking range is also important when you have a walkie talking.  This one states that it goes 35 miles, but in a wooded area you will not get that good of reception.  Although this Motorola has a special technology that makes it clear and crisp.  This could be extremely important if you’re lost and trying to find your way out of the forest.Motorola MT352R FRS Weatherproof

Hands free communication is essential when you are hiking.  You can easily talk to another person when you are climbing up and over rocks or when the path has gotten steep.  This would also work really well if you can’t reach to push the talk button.

The Motorola has an easy charge that you’ll find useful.  Not only does it come with a charger for the home, a USB charger as well as a portable one for the car.  So you can easily carry the chargers around and won’t have to worry about a big and bulky one that won’t fit in your backpack.

The device has a vibrate ring.  This might be important to some people.  When you’re in the forest you don’t want your walkie talkie ringing at an inconvenient time – like when a deer is crossing your path and you’re trying to get a photo.  Instead it will vibrate.

You’ll love the superior battery life which has up to 15 hours of time.  This would be essential and possibly lifesaving if anyone in your party got lost in the forest or on the trails.  They would have several hours that they would be able to communicate with you or anyone else they need to.

Finding the right walkie talkie for your needs is essential.  The Motorola MT352R FRS Weatherproof Two-Way Radio Pack is a set that is a great investment and you’ll be glad that you purchased them.