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How to Cut Down on 100 Calories a Day?

How to Cut Down on 100 Calories a Day

Currently, when dieting, the favored approach seems to be to focus on cutting large amounts of calories at once, usually by radically altering your entire diet. However, another, easier, but still useful, method of cutting calories involves cutting out small amounts of calories without changing your diet all that much. Believe it or not, by making a few small decisions each day, you can cut hundreds of calories from your daily intake. In this article, you will learn about various decisions that you can take that will cut roughly 100 calories from your diet.

Take Your Coffee Black

Coffee on its own is a relatively healthy, low-calorie beverage. Not is it only low-calorie, it actually helps you burn calories by virtue of being a thermogenic (that means that it speeds up your metabolism). However, what makes coffee bad calorie wise is the adding of tons of cream and sugar. Adding cream and sugar turns coffee from a calorie conscious drink into a calorie-heavy one. Now, a single cup of coffee with lots of cream and sugar isn’t necessarily a hundred calories, but most people have very large servings or multiple cups a day. If you were to take all your coffee black (or use skim-milk instead of cream) then you would easily cut 100 calories, if not more, from your diet.

Skip The Spreads

Does your breakfast consist of toast or bagels? Well if so, then you can potentially cut up to 100 calories from your diet by eating them plain (or with some low-calorie butter substitute). Spreads are surprisingly high in calories. For example, a single tablespoon of peanut butter is over 100 calories. It is the same issue with jams, cream cheese (depending on the kind, as low-calorie options exist), etc.

Be Sparse with The Dressing

If you are trying to cut calories, then the chances are good that you are eating a lot more salad. This is great, but you need to be aware of the fact that salads can actually be quite high in calories, largely because of the dressing. Now, a bit of dressing isn’t bad at all, in fact, it can make the salad even healthier depending on the dressing. However, a lot of people go overboard on the dressing. Things like ranch dressing or Caesar salad dressing are packed full of calories and can easily exceed the 100 calorie goal depending on how much is used. So, go easy on the dressing in the future to cut out some unnecessary calories.