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What is Frisbee Golf/Disc Golf? How to play?

Frisbee Golf or Disc Golf

On your search for fun summer activities, you may have come across Frisbee golf or Disc golf. Everyone knows what frisbees are and what golf is, but what on earth is frisbee golf?

Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know about frisbee golf and why you may want to consider trying it out this summer.

What is it?

Ok, so let’s start with the basics – what is frisbee golf? It’s actually more commonly known as disc golf, and it’s a combination of both golf and frisbee throwing.

It’s been around since the 60’s, but it has changed slightly over the years. It can be played a simple, fun activity, or as a competitive sport. So, whether you’re looking to take up a new sport you can get serious about, or you’re looking for a fun activity you can do at your next picnic – frisbee golf is a great choice.

How it is played depends upon whether you are taking it seriously or whether you’re playing a quick game with the kids.

Professional style frisbee golf

Let’s first look at the general, professional style of frisbee golf. It’s played on a course, similar to a golf course with 18 different holes. The number of holes in a course do vary however, with some featuring up to 27 holes!

However, rather than putting a ball into the holes, instead you’re throwing a frisbee onto, or as close to, a target as possible. The aim is to hit the target in as few throws as possible.

The courses range in difficulty, with some offering obstacles that you need to throw the frisbee around.

The winner is the person who manages to gain the lowest score. Scoring works just like golf, with each hole offering a set par limit.

Casual style frisbee golf

If you’re simply looking to enjoy frisbee golf with the family, you don’t have to stick to the traditional 18 hole courses. Instead, it can be played in a local park, at the beach or even in your very own backyard.

You can alter how many “holes” there are, and have a more relaxed game rather than using a complex scoring system. All you’ll need is some frisbee discs and something to use as targets.

Similar to golf, but much more affordable

Even if you choose to play on a professional style course, frisbee golf is a lot cheaper than standard golf. Most courses are actually free to play on and the only real cost is the discs. You can even pick up professional style quality frisbees for under $15 so if you’re on a budget, this is a great activity you can do with the family.

It is worth noting the discs used in frisbee golf aren’t standard throwing frisbees. They’re designed in a very specific way. So, you will need to ensure you are investing in actual golf discs rather than a frisbee.

Another advantage of frisbee golf over standard golf, is that the courses don’t tend to get overly crowded. In fact, they’re pretty much always available. So, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one when you do want to play.

What are the benefits of playing?

Whether you play professionally or just for fun, frisbee golf delivers some fantastic benefits. It’s fun, it helps to keep you fit and it’s also ideal for any age and fitness level.

Compared to regular golf, it’s also really easy to learn. The fact it’s so affordable is also good news for those who don’t have a lot of money spare. So, if you’re looking for something affordable, easy and enjoyable to do with the family this summer, frisbee golf should definitely be considered!

Overall, frisbee golf, or disc golf, is one of the most popular fitness sports you can play. Why not take a look to see where your nearest course is, or set up your own mini course in your backyard to grasp the basics?