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What Are Phytoceramides Made Of and What Do You Need To Know

What Are Phytoceramides Made Of

One of the biggest aging concerns in people today, especially women, is how their skin reacts to the process of aging. People who get too much sun or have poor skin health tend to look older than they really are. Store bought creams were the answer at one time, but they could only provide moisture to the skin, not reverse damage that had already been done or aging. After that, Botox became the rage, but that was expensive and had a laundry list of possible side effects. So what is the next best thing in skin care, some say it is Phytoceramides.

  • What are Ceramides and Phytoceramides?

Ceramides are waxy lipid molecules found in the body which make up about twenty percent of the skins natural cellular matrix. They are often described as the glue that holds skin molecules together. As people age these ceramides diminish and dry the skin which causes a person’s face to look older and less full then when younger.

Phytoceramides were actually discovered way back in the late nineteen hundreds and have been used in Japan for many years. With their recent FDA approval they have gained a lot of attention lately. Phytoceramides are a plant derived version of the ceramide lipid molecule that comes in capsule form. They are considered an anti-aging breakthrough because they are the first to moisturize the body fromthe inside out. Phytoceramides also raise the levels of vitamins and antioxidants that naturally deplete as we get older just like the ceramides.

  • What do You Need to Know about Them

Phytoceramides or the ‘fountain of youth drug’, as they are sometimes referred, help to restore the skins natural balance by replacing the ceramides that are lost over time. With this new balance of lipid cells the skin now has added moisture which in turn, repairs damage, boosts natural collagen levels and fills out wrinkles.

These capsules cost pennies on the dollar compared to expensive surgical alternatives and are far safer. At this time there are no known severe side effects, but they may cause a slight reaction to people who are Gluten sensitive because most of them contain lipowheat. Even that can be overcome if you take phytoceramides made from rice or sweet potatoes because those are gluten free.

Phytoceramides are usually dispensed in 350 mg tablets and are taken along with food just one time daily. They are sometimes used as part of a treatment which includes a topical vitamin C solution. People who use the treatment daily are said to have seen results in as little as four weeks.

The jury is still out there on this new plant derived capsule that is sweeping the nation, but so far the results are highly positive. Most everyone can afford the capsules and since you only need to take one a day along with food the regimen is very easy. What are you waiting, hop on board the Phytoceramides band wagon and try what others call “the facelift in a bottle”.