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Age Is Only A Number: 5 Ways to look and feel younger when you are 50.

How to Look Younger When You Are Over 50

What can you do when you wake up to discover you are almost 50 years old? Where has all the time gone and who is that person looking back at you in the mirror? When the reality sets in that you could…or should have…started taking care of yourself a little bit better much earlier than today, your immediate question may be how to look younger if you want to start today.

You can’t change the past; however, the body is an amazing machine that can positively respond to the right efforts at looking younger.

So step one is this: Be grateful. You will be 50! Not everybody gets here and not everybody has what you have to offer the world. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that person staring back at you in the mirror. You simply want to take care of her, right?

Let’s Get Started!

Once you determine you’re ready to discover how to look younger then you should consider a visit to your doctor for a checkup. If it’s been a while then you should talk to your doctor about which screenings should be added to your yearly physical based on your family and personal medical history. Let the doctor know you plan on making some lifestyle changes to enhance your youthful soul. Take any cautions under advisement as you continue.

How to look younger and how to exercise properly as you age go hand in hand. If you have been active, then you are already on the right path. Choosing a new type of exercise or adding some strength training and stretching to your routine may bring your fitness to a new level. If you have been more sedentary, then there is no better day to start moving than today.

Again, follow your doctor’s advice based on your personal health history. However a good place for most everyone to start is by walking. Walking is a non-impact activity that most of us do everyday anyhow. However since you want to look (and feel) younger, you will be walking with a new purpose.

Start slowly if you need to and build in a little more distance each day. Walk at a pace that allows your heart to beat a little faster and also allows you to carry on a conversation. Don’t jump into this so hard that you put yourself in danger or get injured and have to stop before you see any real results.

Next, think positively about aging. You might wonder why this is important when you are learning how to look younger. In general, having a positive outlook on life has the benefit of adding enjoyable years. For those over the age of 50, looking positively on each year in front of you will give you a sense of anticipation instead of dread. This alone could add almost 10 years of quality to your life.

Why do I say quality years? Well, there are two ways you can approach aging. You can just add the candles to the cake and hope you can stand up long enough to blow them out. Or, you can strive to carry your cake box up a hilltop to blow the candles out as you watch a beautiful sunset with your companion.

Which approach for how to look younger sounds better to you?

There are so many ways to discover how to look younger. You have to start somewhere. The best place to start is from exactly where you are. Begin some sort of exercise habit and make it a point to acknowledge what you are grateful for each day. This is the beginning of getting your body and mind in shape to carry you for at least another 50 years!