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How to Look Younger Instantly When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time

Imagine you have less than a day to look younger. You may have a sales presentation to give, a reunion with a long lost friend, or a first date where you want to make a great first impression. While you won’t have time for an extreme makeover, you can certainly do a few things to give you the edge.

If you are able, take the time to get in a power nap. This can be as short as 30 minutes but will allow you to feel refreshed and look younger. When you feel tired physically then your face tends to reflect that with a dull complexion.

How does your hair look? While you may not want to risk a completely new hair cut, getting a trim will often clean up your appearance. Ladies should trim off the split ends to get a sleek look. Don’t forget to get the benefits of a hair serum which can tame frizzy hair and add shine. And guys, take the time to trim any facial hair.

If you are starting to sprout some grey hairs, then it might be time for a touch up. If you have colored your own hair before then you can do a quick touchup and look younger. If you are not familiar with hair dyes, then proceed with caution. Don’t go for a drastic color change when you don’t have a lot of time. Often, you can try just a box of colored highlights. This is different from all over color. By adding some subtle highlights around your face you can get the effect of a brighter complexion which will allows you to look younger.

Several times throughout the day drink water with a few lemon slices. This will help to keep your body hydrated and also plump up the appearance of your skin. When your skin is dehydrated it tends to sag and bring focus to any wrinkles you may have. Plump it up and look younger.

Take a minute to assess the clothing you plan to wear. Most important, be sure that it fits. Clothes that are either too tight or too loose don’t look good. To look younger, find something that fits you well and you are comfortable in. Strive to add a dash of color. If you are used to wearing bright colors, then go for it. However, if you are used to neutral tones, then by simply adding a bright colored blouse, scarf, necktie or piece of flattering jewelry can do the trick.

Take 30 minutes to get the benefits of teeth whitening strips. Although there is mixed reviews about how effective they really are, your teeth will feel cleaner. A smile always makes you look younger. You are more likely to smile when you have the confidence of a clean mouth.

Ladies, try a shade of lipstick that will accentuate your smile without giving a carnival clown effect. If you don’t prefer lipstick, then a clear gloss that adds shine and moisture is a good alternative. Guys can get the benefits of a lip balm for dry lips, color optional!

And finally, before you leave take a few minutes to just breathe and compose yourself. Give yourself some complements as you look in the mirror and admire all the beauty you have that makes you look younger. This is the beauty of the strength within, the confidence of who you are, and the appreciation of the opportunity you have to go to your event, meeting, date, or occasion.

Have a great time and be sure to feel as young as you look!