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How Can I Look Younger with Makeup and Hair Tricks

How Can I Look Younger with Makeup and Hair Tricks

While aging gracefully is a noble goal which can be achieved, it doesn’t mean that women cannot wonder “How can I look younger?” This doesn’t mean you are vain, or trying to grasp onto youth. You simply want your outer appearance to reflect that inner glow and spunk you feel, right?

We know that as our body ages we experience real changes in hormones, skin texture, and elasticity that affect our appearance. These are all things we would like to control. These tips can help you do just that – control the appearance of your aging with grace.

How Can I Look Younger With Great Hair?

Be sure you wear a hairstyle that has movement. This means layers. Avoid a single length as this will draw your face down. A bit of texturizing will allow your hair to flow, bounce, and come alive.

Avoid a single, monotone color. By adding some highlights, especially around the frame of your face, you will add light to your complexion. Try parting your hair a little off center rather than straight down the middle. Finally, learn to love your hair and work with its texture. If you are using more than 10 hair products to tame your mane, then you need to consider embracing it instead.

How Can I Look Younger with Great Makeup?

The first thing to remember about your skin is to be sure you are properly hydrating it from the inside out. This means drinking plenty of water. It’s a good idea to start your day by drinking a glass of water with a squirt of lemon. After a good night’s rest you may be a little dehydrated. Start your day right be giving your skin a boost from the inside.

The second most important tip is to wear sunscreen. This is a great anti-aging strategy. Many facial lotions come with a level of SPF. You can also find foundations with sun protection as well. Use them every day, even when it’s cloudy outside.

You should begin your makeup routine by properly cleaning your face. Apply a primer to your cleansed face before applying any type of foundation. Using a primer will allow your makeup to blend properly. As a secret bonus, find a primer containing silicon. This will smooth the wrinkles and beautify your pores so makeup doesn’t settle into the creases. You skin will feel smooth and silky.

Plucked eyebrows make you look older. Try trimming them instead to keep a level of fullness. Eyes will look their most youthful when you apply eyeshadow in neutral shades. Apply one lighter shade on the entire eyelid area then accentuate the crease with a shade darker. Remember to curl your lashes and apply mascara for a look that will make your eyes pop.

Lips will also take on a youthful appearance when you use a shade of pink that is two shades lighter than your natural lip color. Avoid darker colors since they tend to accentuate dark circles under your eyes and can make your lips appear thinner. Apply gloss to the inner lips to make them appear fuller. You can also try a lip plumping product to keep lips hydrated

How Can I Look Younger when I Smile?

With all that great hair and makeup, be sure your teeth look their best. Brush, floss and use mouthwash daily to keep your mouth healthy. Then, as needed, keep your teeth white by using a tooth whitener system.

With these hair, makeup and smile tips you will soon have other people asking you, “How can I look younger…just like you!” Aging gracefully can happen when you use the best methods for looking your best.