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How Does Phytoceramides Work? Does It Really Work?

How Does Phytoceramides Work

How Does Phytoceramides Work? Well if Dr. Oz says its good then its got to be good right? That is the attitude of the thousands who are buying the new, skin anti-aging sensation phytoceramides. People are touting it as ‘the new fountain of youth’ and the next great thing in skin care. Let us look at this miracle supplement a little closer.

Ceramides are waxy lipid molecules found in the body which make up about twenty percent of the skins natural cellular matrix. They are often described as the glue that holds skin molecules together. As people age these ceramides diminish and dry the skin which causes a person’s face to look older and less puffy then when younger.

How Does Phytoceramides Work? Does It Really Work?

Phytoceramides are a plant derived version of the ceramide lipid molecule that comes in capsule form. They are considered an anti-aging breakthrough because they are the first to moisturize the body from the inside out. Phytoceramides also raise the levels of vitamins and antioxidants that also naturally deplete as we get older. Phytoceramides are approved by the FDA for use and there are no known serious side effects associated with it.

How do wrinkles form?

Well we have told you about the drying of skin because of sun, aging, smoking, and other things that act upon it in a negative way. As we age, the skin cells divide more slowly, the dermis (middle layer of skin) begins to thin and the network of collagen and elastin fibers begin to loosen, causing depressions on the surface which lead to visible wrinkles. In Lehman’s terms, when the skin loses its glue or ceramides, the skin dries and loses its ability to stretch. That is where phytoceramides come in and do their thing.

So how do phytoceramides stop this process from happening? Since the phytoceramides are taken internally they are better absorbed into the body than topical solutions. They are absorbed by the inner layer of skin and eventually work their way to the outside layer. Once in the outside layer the phytoceramides replenish the old dry skin with moisture and give it its stretch and fuller look back, which in turn reduces the wrinkles that had previously formed.

Does phytoceramides really work?

According to studies yes, they work.  Phytoceramides have been known to exist for a long time. They were first discovered back in the late 1900’s. They have been used in topical solutions for years. The Japanese have used them for a while now with positive results. Experts claim they not only stop the negative skin effects from the natural loss of ceramides in our body, but they can actually reverse the damage too. That is why phytoceramides are often called ‘a facelift in a bottle’.

With no known side effects and at pennies of the cost of surgical procedures, it certainly would seem this product is worth trying. Join the thousands of others who have already gotten their ‘facelift in a bottle’ and give phytoceramides a try.