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Can A Healthy Lifestyle Help You Live Longer?

Living a healthy lifestyle is a goal for many people but it can be hard to know where to start. Eating a healthy diet should be a top priority on your list of healthy habits. Eating healthy has multiple benefits, from promoting good cardiovascular health to preventing obesity but one of the most important is its ability to extend life.

The quality and quantity of food that you consume can make all the difference in your life expectancy. A 2015 study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that just moving towards a healthier dietary pattern could increase your lifespan by almost a full year. That’s an extra 365 days that you could be enjoying life if you make the right nutrition choices.

This study was the first of its kind to analyze the association between diet and longevity. The researchers looked at two factors: dietary quality which meant sticking to a healthful eating pattern that is low on processed foods and high in plant-based foods, and dietary quantity, meaning staying within the recommended caloric range for your age, sex, and activity level.

Researchers found that participants who moved closer to a healthy dietary pattern had a better overall lifespan than those who didn’t. The health benefits were even more significant when the participants stuck to a healthy dietary pattern and stayed within the recommended caloric range. This means that, in addition to getting the proper amount of food, eating the right type of food can make a difference in how long you live.

So what does a healthy diet look like? It should include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. These nutrient-rich foods have many health benefits from providing energy and preventing nutrient deficiencies to reducing the risk of a number of chronic diseases. Additionally, limiting or avoiding processed foods, saturated fats and sugary beverages is an important step towards improving your diet.

Eating healthy isn’t just about immediate benefits like feeling good in the moment. A healthy diet can help you live a long and productive life. Doing so doesn’t require a restrictive diet-it just means eating a balance mix of healthy foods that will keep your body running at it’s best. In just a few simple changes, your diet can help you longer and healthier.