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5 Ways to Overcome the Winter Blues

Colder days + long, dark nights. For many, it’s a recipe for winter blues but it doesn’t have to be! If you feel your mood dipping as the temperature drops, there are all kinds of things you can do to make your home a place that lifts you up and brightens your days.


Look up some new recipes made with healthy foods and exciting flavors, and stock your kitchen with whatever it takes to make them. Trying new recipes is fun, and eating right will make you feel better from top to bottom.


Set aside part of your home as an exercise space you can use no matter what the weather may be. Pick up an inexpensive yoga mat, hand weights, and a jump rope, or stream some workout videos online. Regular exercise can do wonders for your mood.


Make your bedroom more inviting with new sheets, a fluffy blanket, and soft lighting. Adding a ceiling fan, a white noise machine, or even some dried lavender inside your pillowcase can help you get the z’s you need to feel bright-eyed & bushy-tailed.


Plant an herb garden or other easy-care greenery to brighten your home and bring nature indoors. Plants help clean the air, provide color, and reward you as they thrive and grow. Just be sure to check if theyre toxic to children or pets if you have them.


Set up a home studio where you can challenge yourself with learning something new. From watercolors to tying flies to learning an instrument, the sense of accomplishment is uplifting- and you can find free lessons for almost anything online.

You can’t stop winter from coming, but you can bring uplifting things into your home and your daily routine. Who knows, you may even look forward to winter and the opportunities it brings!