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Top 5 Best Insulated Picnic Baskets 2019

Best Insulated Picnic Baskets 2019 – Summer is when you are able to get out and enjoy the weather more.  One fun activity that many families take part in is going to the park and having a picnic.  This works if there are only two people or eight.  There is no limit and it turns into memorable family time.

But how do you get all the food and supplies to the park you want to have for your picnic?  Then you’ll also need to remember to pack all the utensils, plates, spoons and a blanket to sit on if there are no tables.

Well a picnic basket will help you carry all the supplies, plus some are insulated to keep it cold until you are ready to eat.

Here are the top 5 insulated picnic baskets to take a look at.

  1. Picnic at Ascot Large Family Size Insulated Folding Collapsible Picnic Basket Cooler

Ascot Picnic basket

This is shaped like a basket and you can carry it easily with the handle.  When you are not using it you can collapse it down.  You’ll find that it stores in small spaces and won’t take up much room.

The Ascot Picnic basket is made for families because it can carry up to 65 pounds of food.  You can use this when you go to the river, park or outdoor events.

  1. DII Insulated Market Basket or Picnic Tote

DII Insulated Market Basket

The DII Insulated Market Basket is a stylish design that is pleasing to the eye.  People will love the look of this tote.

You’ll find it convenient to carry all your prepared food around in with the handle.  This would work to carry potluck meals to your work or family dinners.

  1. Picnic at Ascot Insulated Picnic Basket/Cooler Fully Equipped with Service for 2

Ascot Picnic Cooler for 2

The Ascot Picnic Cooler for 2 is perfect for that romantic picnic you want to plan for a loved one.  It holds all the essentials that you’ll need.  You’ll find space for your food, plus a bottle of wine or champagne.

Not only that, but it has two wine glasses, silverware, napkins, a corkscrew and plates.

  1. Ascot Wine and Cheese Cooler Bag Equipped for 2

Ascot Wine and Cheese Cooler

The Ascot Wine and Cheese Cooler is made for two.  It is small and easy to carry.  You’ll get all the utensils for the cheese including a cutting board.

Carry it ease with an over the shoulder strap.  Inside it has room for two bottles of wine.  It offers a divider so that they don’t bang against each other and break.

  1. Iwotou Insulated Folding Cooler Picnic Basket Bag

Iwotou Insulated Folding Cooler Picnic Basket Bag

If you love polka dots you’ll love this picnic basket.  It has a zipped cover as well as two grip handles.

This is a basket for about four people.  It won’t hold a large amount like a family picnic basket.

Having a picnic basket makes it really easy to pack a healthy lunch and head out to the park to enjoy the day with family.  Pick one that fits your needs there are different options.  You’ll be able to find one that is perfect for your family.