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Earthwise Collapsible Reusable Box Shopping Bag Review

Earthwise Collapsible Reusable Box Shopping Bag Review

Earthwise Collapsible Reusable Box Shopping Grocery Bag W/Zipper Review – Picnics are a great way to enjoy the summer months with the family. You can’t beat relaxing under the sun with good food, great company and enjoying some much-needed family bonding time.

However, to enjoy the perfect summer picnic, there’s a few important items you’re going to need and a good quality picnic basket is one of them. If you’re looking for a new picnic container, the Earthwise large insulated collapsible reusable box shopping grocery bag with zipper is definitely worth considering.

Sold in packs of two in a super-stylish design

Earthwise Collapsible Reusable Box Shopping BagWhen you order the Earthwise large insulated collapsible and reusable box, you’re actually getting two of them. This is perfect if you’re heading out on a picnic with both cold and hot foods, or if you’re simply catering to a large group of people. There’s plenty of space to keep everything you could possibly need.

The design of these containers is also modern and stylish. You’ll be proud to carry them around. Each bag has a slightly different color, making it easy to differentiate which one contains chilled food and which contains hot, without the need to open them to find out.

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Featuring a fantastic innovative design

The bags benefit from a really innovative design. They come with a fully insulated lining, helping to keep your food at its required temperature. The tops also contain a zipper for easy and secure opening and closing.

The hard-flat bottom also prevents your food, plates and cutlery from sliding around; ensuring you aren’t greeted with a mess when you arrive at the picnic location.

Built with durability and convenience in mind

The bags aren’t just designed with style in mind – they’re also extremely durable and convenient.picnic basket

The hard-flat bottom piece is removable, ensuring when the boxes aren’t in use, they can be easily folded away. When inserted into the bottom, the hard-flat surface adds great durability.

Even the handles have been created with durability in mind. Sewn right to the bottom of the box, it reinforces their strength and ensures you’ll never have to worry about them snapping under the weight. They are also secured with a metal rivet. Each one can hold around 30lbs which is pretty good for a picnic basket!

Overall, you’ll struggle to find a better quality, more convenient picnic container than this one from Earthwise. It can be used virtually anywhere from the beach and picnics to boating and BBQ’s. You could even use them to carry your groceries home from the store as the insulated lining will help to keep your cold foods chilled until you arrive home.