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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review – Should You Buy Product?

Visual Impact Muscle Building

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review – What does your “after” picture look like? When you picture yourself after six months of strenuous exercise and a great diet – what do you see? Most people imagine looking ripped and slender like the guys from 300 or a James Bond movie. But it seems like most of the fitness world is geared toward bodybuilders who want to pack on as much muscle mass as possible without any regard for where it goes.

If you’re looking to get rid of loose skin after a diet or add some serious definition to your body and get that movie star look that gives you serious muscle without adding a bunch of bulk, Visual Impact might be right for you. This program emphasizes balance in muscle fibers so that you avoid the bloated off season bodybuilder look when you’re getting started and keeps you looking lean and strong.

Who Is Rusty Moore?

Rusty has been a fitness consultant for almost twenty years. You’d think with that much experience he’s be a little behind the times, but he actually is the webmaster of Fitness Black Book – a site where he’s given away twenty years of information on a healthy lifestyle for free! He’s built his own base of fans who are in love with his approach, which focuses on losing weight and adding muscle density.

What’s In The Visual Impact Muscle Building Program?

Visual ImpactHave you ever seen some of those “bodybuilding success” photos where the guy has huge arms and a skinny everything else? Or maybe they’ve got a big upper body and skinny legs? These kind of photos are symptomatic of poor muscle balance and bad habits in the gym.

According to Rusty, there are certain exercises that bulk your muscles – this program helps you void those workouts and focus on the ones that tone and tighten your body while letting you keep a balanced, symmetrical figure. That means you’ll be able to get into fashionable clothes that flatter your figure without squeezing into anything.

His plan comes in three parts that last for two months apiece. In Phase One, you lose body fat and make your first quick muscle gains – this requires more reps and shorter rest periods. That creates “cumulative fatigue” – you might think the first set is too light, but after doing it a few times you’ll be really tired out. During this phase, it’s very important not to let your ego get in the driver’s seat and try to max your muscle right away – this can be damaging to your figure in the long run!

In Phase Two, your muscles are enhanced and hardened. How? Fewer reps, longer rest periods. This lets you push yourself a little more, but keeps you from getting fatigued as quickly. In the final phase, there’s an emphasis on density training – instead of just getting bigger, your goal is to get stronger and avoiding getting bulky. There’s also an emphasis on cardio in this phase, but not lengthy, half-hour runs: instead, you’re doing high intensity sprinting called interval training.

Overall, Visual Impact Muscle Building focuses on two types of muscle – Sarcoplasmic and Myofibriller tissue, which basically tries to build a balance between lifting for size and easting all the calories that you can, and trying to get a “swimmer’s body” with a lot of cardio. Visual Impact isn’t JUST about getting you a certain look – if you’re a guy wanting a thicker look, this book shows you exactly how to do that.

What’s In The Package?

Visual Impact is one of the biggest packages around. This consists of three PDF books: a main course, printable workout charts, and a big book of exercise demos. All of these have a great look and have deep links in the table of contents, so you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

First, there’s the main book. It’s 72 pages long and introduces you to bodybuilding culture that values size over aesthetics, muscle balances, sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy, cumuative fatigue, and the importance of mixing muscle building and strength training techniques. The book also discusses how much you should eat during this course before giving you the three main phases, and The Shrink Wrap Effect, which gives you the training techniques that Daniel Craig and Taylor Lautner use to get in shape for movies. This tactic will also help you if you’ve lost a lot of weight and your skin is a little saggy – it’ll improve on its own with time, but this helps get the process started.

Visual Impact for Women course

The book closes with a “Final Thoughts” section on customizing the plan, and then there’s a deep Q&A section.

The second book is made of exercise demos – they’ve pictures that show how to work each muscle group and shows you what to do in each phase – this book points out how important correct form is, and you won’t have a problem holding to it here. Finally, there’s a set of charts you can take to the gym and check off as you work = you can use this without a lot of equipment and it’ll keep you motivated.

Pros and Cons

This is a pretty short program – the second book is very large, but it mostly has tips on proper form for exercise. You’re going to learn most of the important things in the 72 page main book. Most people will read and digest it within an afternoon. There isn’t any kind of special support with the system, but the author’s website has tons of video and training on how to get proper form and definition.

This program is also specially designed for men. While there is a Visual Impact for Women course, it’s outside of the boundaries of this review.

The Verdict of Visual Impact

Nothing on the market is exactly like Visual Impact Muscle Building – for $47, you can try this profuct out risk free for 60 days, get started on the system, and grab a refund if it doesn’t work for you – by then, though, you’ll be finished with the first phase of the program and have a much better physique without supplements or steroids.

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