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The Body Fat Solution Review

The Body Fat Solution

The Body Fat Solution Review – Most people don’t struggle with figuring out what kind of diet plan really works – their real problem is sticking with that plan once they’ve decided on it. Working out and taking in fewer calories sounds simple, but life and cravings and advertisements and a feast of other activities get in the way. The Body Fat Solution isn’t just about some diet plan – it’s getting rave reviews because it focuses on shifting your mindset and making sure that whatever diet program you work with, you’ll stick with it.

Who Is Tom Venuto?

Tom Venuto is one of the most well known names in the fitness world. He’s a professional bodybuilder, a gym owner, a published author, and a personal coach. Not just that, he’s been in IRONMAN magazine, Oprah Magazine, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, ESPN Pittsburgh – this isn’t just the product of a good PR department: he’s also the author of the seminal book, “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle”. And if you’re tired of being pitched risky steroids, you’ll like this guy – he’s all natural and has never used or taught steroid based stuff. 97% of results come from the right training and the right nutrition, and even though that extra 3% means a lot to athletes and bodybuilders, it might not be what you need to get in shape.

Why Are You Eating?

Body Fat SolutionIt’s just as important as WHAT you’re eating. Most people eat for reasons that don’t have anything to do with serious physical needs. They eat because they’ve got a craving, or they’re stressed out, or they’re depressed, or as a reward, or as a punishment… eating becomes a habit, and we show the symptoms of this habit through our poor health.

A Fresh Approach To Eating?

Tom believes that changing your approach to food is the most important diet technique. It’s not a “X days system” and it’s not a quick fix, but the steps he recommends inside will help you think of food as energy, fuel, and medicine. In The Body Fat Solution, he spends a bit of time talking about techniques to deal with emotional eating.

One of the issues people have with diet plans is that they come from people who have ALWAYS been in great shape and don’t know much about the process of improving your body from weakness to fitness. Tom is a professional bodybuilder, but he’s been very much out of shape and knows all about getting back to top condition. One of the lessons he learned from working with clients, regular people squeezing health into a heavy work life, is that they didn’t need major changes! Most people just need to change their mindset and create a few new habits. Even with the best plan in the world, it doesn’t matter unless that happens.

Easier said than done, but Tom has spent years working on the answer. This program is specially designed for people who have sporadic motivation, high stress, and no time. He has more regimented programs, but this plan gets 80% of the results for people who can only put in 20% of the work.

The Contents

There are twelve chapters. Chapters 1-4 talk about obesity and how our emotional eating is tied to genetics. In Chapter 5, the book starts about setting goals and changing our attitude. After that, there’s discussion of the many diet plans he’s seen and the truth and myths included in each of them. In chapter 6-8, he also discusses the optimal diet and a wide variety of options that fit anyone.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, he spends the last three chapters talking about how to survive a diet socially and managing your environment for a successful diet.

The Verdict

Well, this plan isn’t complicated or tough. This isn’t a diet plan, although dietary issues are deeply discussed. This is a mindset or “diet prep” plan. If you’ve gone through numerous plans and they haven’t worked, and you’re worried that you might be the problem, this is worth checking out.