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Superfoods Book Review

superfoods book

Superfood Books Review – Want to get in on the health benefits of superfoods but not sure where to start? Superfoods: 150 Superfood Recipes to Inspire Health and Happiness can help.

Packed full of great, useful information, this is more than a simple recipe book. Offering great value for money, it’s beautifully illustrated and ranked as one of the best superfood cooing books on the market.

Learn about 150 different superfoods

Superfoods: 150 Superfood Recipes to Inspire Health and HappinessThe number of superfoods out there is overwhelming. If you’re new to superfoods, this book will help you to learn more about them, including their credentials. There’s 150 in total so by the time you’ve finished you’ll be an expert at identifying and understanding each one.

There’s also an outstanding 150 different recipes to try out. Each one relates to a specific ingredient. So, no matter what you have in your pantry, you’re sure to find a recipe in here you can use.

Satisfaction guaranteed

This book is so good it’s managed to achieve one of the highest 5-star review ratings of any superfood book.https://www.amazon.com/dp/1474838073?tag=itsjustmakeup-20

Not only does it deliver on its promise to help you learn more about each superfood, but it’s also beautifully illustrated. It truly is a beautiful book that you’ll be proud to place on the shelf.

A lot of superfood books claim to tell you about the different superfoods and their benefits, but they don’t go into detail. This one however, tells you what the superfood is, why it’s good for you, how it should be prepared and how to eat it.

There’s 150 superfoods featured, but a staggering 320 pages in total. So, if you’re looking to expand your knowledge, rather than just learn superfood recipes, this is the book for you.

Recipes you can easily create

How many times have you bought a recipe book, only to realize the recipes are complex and feature foods you’ve never even heard of? You won’t get that with this one.

superfoods book

All of the 150 recipes featured are easy to cook and feature delicious, simplistic dishes. There’s a great range too with everything from breakfasts to snacks included.

Overall, if you’re looking for a cookbook that provides a substantial amount of nutritional information, along with delicious and easy recipes, Superfoods: 150 Superfood Recipes to Inspire Health and Happiness is highly recommended. See what all the fuss is about and order your copy today.