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Sarahs Sea Salt Review

Sarahs Sea Salt

Sarahs Sea Salt Review – If you’re looking to add oodles of flavor to even the simplest of foods, Sarah’s Sea Sat, Mediterranean 4oz, is just what you need.

This isn’t your ordinary sea salt however. It also contains lavender, garlic, and a range of other great spices to bring out a unique, mouthwatering flavor.

Give simple dishes a unique makeover

Sarahs Sea SaltOne of the best things about this sea salt is its ability to transform even the simplest of dishes. Try sprinkling it over cherry tomatoes to see just how much of a difference it makes to the flavor.

Or, use it to marinade your steaks or salmon. Once you’ve tasted just how good your steaks are, you’ll never use another type of sea salt again!

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Apply generously for best results

It’s difficult to know how much you should initially use to bring out the best flavor. Many people have found the flavor to be a little too mild, but this is purely because they didn’t use enough of it.

For best results, make sure you use a generous amount for a more powerful taste. You can also add it to olive oil to help it stick better to your food.

Bringing together a unique blend of flavors

What sets Sarah’s sea salt apart is its unique blend of ingredients. Along with garlic and lavender, it also contains rosemary and basil oil, lemon and a range of Mediterranean style herbs.

Some users have found it to have more of a garlic taste, while others have complained it’s “too salty”. Keeping in mind the main ingredient is sea salt, it is best to expect more of a salty flavor! However, the other ingredients subtly add a more unique taste, combining together for a mouthwatering result.

A versatile cooking ingredient

The number one best thing about this salt is that it can be used on practically anything.

Whether you’re cooking vegetables, meat, fish, eggs or salads – it goes with just about anything. However, it’s definitely more widely known for its delicious taste when sprinkled over tomatoes. Any type of tomatoes will do – give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Overall, if you’re searching for a simple spice blend that will literally transform your dishes, Sarah’s Sea Salt is an excellent choice. Available at an affordable price, it even makes a great gift for foodies. You can also try out the different flavors in this great range.