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Seavenger Wetsuit For Men and Women Review

Seavenger Wetsuit For Men and Women

Seavenger Wetsuit For Men and Women Review – To experience the full benefits of surfing, you need to ensure you have the right equipment. That means, as well as a top-quality surfboard, you’re also going to need a high-quality, comfortable jump suit.

There’s a lot of different jump suits out there but the Seavenger Men and Women 3mm Full suit with Flatlock Stitching is currently considered one of the best.

Super stretchy and ultra-comfortable

Seavenger Men and Women 3mm Full suit with Flatlock StitchingThe armpit and knee panels on the suit have a super-stretch design for maximum comfort and flexibility. This is one of the most important features a surfing jump suit should have in order to ensure you can safely and comfortably maneuver in the water.

It’s also designed with flatlock stitching, which means you won’t experience the uncomfortable chafing along the seams like you would with some other jump suits. To complete its super-comfortable design, the suit also features anti-abrasion knee and shoulder pads to reduce scraping and rubbing.

The suit perfectly contours and moves with your body to ensure you’re always 100% comfortable.

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Water-tight and stylish design

The Seavenger jumpsuit has a great, stylish design that you’ll feel proud to wear. The jet-black color is also really flattering; perfect for those concerned about heading out in nothing but a jump suit!

There’s also some excellent features added to ensure you don’t just look good – but you feel good too. The wrists, legs and neck areas have built-in seals to ensure the suit is fully waterproof.

The pull chord has a double tap hook and it also features a loop tie down to ensure further water-proof benefits. This also makes the suit easy to zip up.

Even the zipper has been created with quality in mind, offering a corrosion-free design. It comes in an extra-large size too to make it super-easy to reach and use.

Choosing the right size

If you’re looking to gain the maximum benefits from this jumpsuit, it’s important to ensure you’re choosing the right size.

Seavenger Wetsuit For Men and Women

The manufacturer suggests choosing one size up if you have a bulkier frame, and one size down if you have a tiny frame. This will ensure it fits comfortably and won’t prevent certain movements. It’s worth pointing out the men’s sizes are pretty much accurate, but the women’s sizes do tend to be a little trickier. So, you might want to check out reviews of the jumpsuit before buying ladies sizes.

You can buy with complete reassurance too thanks to a 1-year included guarantee.

Overall, the Seavenger Men and Women 3mm full suit flatlock stitching jumpsuit is one of the best quality products on the market. If you’re looking for quality, as well as affordability, this is definitely a great choice.