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Total Surfing Fitness Review – Amazing Surf Training Program by Clayton Beatty

Total Surfing Fitness Revirw1

Total Surfing Fitness Review – If you want to get the maximum benefits from surfing, it’s important to build up your fitness. It may look like a relaxing, fun sport, but surfing can actually be really demanding on the body.

In order to ride those waves, you need to have exceptional balance, strength, fitness and agility. If you don’t, Total Surfing Fitness can help.

Understanding the Total Surfing Fitness Program

Total Surfing Fitness programThe Total Surfing Fitness program is designed for those who want to boost their fitness but have very limited time to do so.

It consists of three different levels that you work through. It’s advertised as being the most comprehensive surfing fitness program online and combines workout manuals and online videos to give you the feeling of having your own personal coach.

It claims to help you achieve significant results within just 30 days. One of the best things about the program is it uses progressive workouts, ensuring you don’t get bored and allowing you to effectively build up your fitness.

What benefits does it provide?

The workouts are designed to target five key areas required for expert surfing. These include:

  • Improving paddle fitness
  • Boosting core stability and strength
  • Improving your upper body strength and endurance
  • Increasing flexibility and mobility
  • Improving balance and strength in the lower body

The main benefit of this program is the fact it will really improve your surfing ability. You’ll be able to expertly control your body while out on the water, you’ll find it easier to absorb landings, and the additional balance and strength will help you complete more tricks, while also allowing you to ride the waves for longer periods of time.

After completing the program, you won’t just be better at surfing, you’ll also have increased energy levels, you’ll be less likely to develop injuries and you’ll feel generally fitter and stronger.

What the program includes

The 12-week Total Surfing Fitness program comes with full step-by-step workouts. There’s three lessons, each lasting a total of 4 weeks and focusing on a different area with each lesson.

You’ll also receive a few great bonuses too. These include a Killer Cardio workout, Foam Rolling for Surfers and Flexibility & Mobility for Surfers. Each of these bonuses saves you a small fortune and really help to increase your surfing fitness.

Total Surfing Fitness

You don’t need much equipment to complete the workouts, but you will need an exercise ball and dumbbells. The workouts can also be done just 2-3 times each week to start with and each one lasts around 45 minutes.

Overall, improving your fitness will help you to become a much better surfer. You’ll be able to stay out on the water longer and perform impressive tricks with ease. So, if you’re looking to boost your skills, the Total Surfing Fitness program is exactly what you need.