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Best Running Apps to Download 2017

Best Running Apps to Download

Running is renowned for its mood enhancing benefits. The term “runner’s high” is often used to describe the amazing sense of wellbeing you can experience after a good, long run. However, even the most dedicated and passionate runner’s need a little motivation sometimes.

Running apps can really help not only motivate you, but also help you keep track of your progress. There’s lots of different running apps out there, so to make it easier, below you’ll discover the best running apps to download.

Map My Run

Map My Run appMap My Run is one of the most comprehensive running apps available. More Than 30 million runners use the app and it’s packed full of great, useful features.

Along with standard tracking abilities, you can also sync your activities to things such as a Fitbit, Apple smart watch and Garmin devices. The fact you can also connect with other members of the app really helps boost motivation.

It doesn’t just allow you to track your runs either. You can also track other activities such as gym workouts, walks, cycling and swimming.

Running for Weight Loss

Running for Weight Loss AppIf your main reason for running is to lose weight, there’s no better app to help than Running for Weight Loss.

What’s unique about this app is that it actually creates a plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals. There’s even an incredible audio coach included. As if that wasn’t motivation enough, there’s the addition of inspirational quotes and great, useful tips.

Finally, to top it off, you’re also given diet tips to ensure you gain maximum weight loss results.


RockMyRun AppMP3 players have revolutionised workouts, but how many times have you had to skip through slow, uninspiring tracks? RockMyRun is an excellent app designed to provide only the best workout music.

Its goal is to play upbeat, motivational tracks to ensure you always get the most out of your runs. What’s most impressive, is that the app automatically adjusts the tracks to fit with the pace at which you’re running.

There’s both a paid and a free version available. With the free version, the tracks you have access to are pretty limited, but the paid version is a little on the expensive side. So, figure out how often you’re likely to use it and that will help you decide whether the paid version is right for you.

Overall, there’s so many different types of running apps out there and the above are just three of the best. Whatever type of experience you’re hoping for, there’s an app to suit it. So, if you’re looking for the best running apps to download 2017, the above are a great start.