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How Long Will It Take to See Results from Exercise?

Simple Tips to Follow to Getting a Better Body

When you get started on a weight loss journey, your initial motivation may be enough to push you through the first week, the first month, or even the first few months. However, as time starts going by, you’re bound to be looking in the mirror and stepping on the scale trying to figure out how much weight you’re losing.

Unfortunately, weight loss isn’t linear. While you may find that you drop the first 5-10 pounds pretty easily thanks to a combination of water weight and your sudden shift in eating and exercise patterns, the next pounds will prove to be harder and harder to get rid of as you get closer to your goal.

This isn’t said to discourage you, but rather, it’s something you need to anticipate so that you don’t start wondering what you’re doing wrong. Chances are, you’ll be doing everything right when you begin to get discouraged about slowing weight loss. It happens to most people as they work to lose weight, but you can push through it.

So, when exactly should you expect to see results from a new workout and/or diet routine? The answer to that varies, but generally you’ll see the first 5 pounds drop within a week or two of starting. This is mainly attributed to water weight. Most of us carry at least 5 pounds of water weight at any given time, but when you change your eating and workout habits, our bodies tend to drop it.

You’ll be inspired when you see a new low number on the scale, and that should keep you going for at least a couple more weeks. This is when the real weight loss will start to happen. While a calorie deficit will mean you’re burning fat right from the start, it could take some time before the scale (and the mirror) begin to reflect that progress.

You should expect to see some physical differences after losing the first 10 pounds, and once you begin nearing your goal, you’ll begin to hear others around you notice as well. If you’re combining your fat loss with muscle toning or an exercise routine of some sort, you can expect to see physical differences even sooner thanks to the fat being replaced with toned muscle.

Of course, if you are building muscle, keep in mind that you might be losing inches even if the scale isn’t budging. That’s why progress photos will be your new best friend.