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How Does Forgiveness Affect Your Health?

How Does Forgiveness Affect Your Health

Did you know that the act of forgiveness brings a substantial amount of benefits for your health? As well as the emotional benefits, forgiving someone who has done you wrong can also positively affect your physical health.

Here, you’ll discover exactly what benefits you can expect when you let the pain and anger go and forgive those who have betrayed you.

Reducing physical as well as emotional pain

Researchers at the Duke University Medical Center have discovered that forgiveness can help to lower both physical and emotional pain.

It seems those who hold a grudge tend to have higher levels of chronic pain. Then, once they have forgiven the person who hurt them, that chronic pain reduced significantly.

Helps to keep the heart healthy

Holding on to a grudge can lead to a higher heart rate. However, those who forgive easily and let go of any wrongdoing, tend to have much lower heart rates.

So, if you’re looking to protect your heart and reduce the risk of a stroke and heart disease, forgiveness could be the key.

Stress levels are significantly reduced

Stress negatively affects absolutely every area of your life. It can lead to trouble sleeping, constant irritability, increased heart rate and can lead to anxiety and depression.

The act of forgiveness can seriously lower stress levels according to numerous studies, in turn greatly reducing your risk of multiple illnesses and conditions.

Helping you to live longer

One of the most surprising benefits revealed when it comes to forgiveness, is its ability to extend your lifespan. It can actually make a significant impact on your life expectancy. So, if you want to lead a happy, long life, learning to forgive is one of the best things you can do.

The stress reduction benefits of forgiveness could be linked to a longer lifespan. As stress does affect every part of the body, it does have the potential to lower the lifespan if its prolonged.

Of course, it isn’t easy to forgive. Some people do find it much more difficult than others. So, it may take a little practice. What helps, is to think about what good holding on to a grudge is doing. Is it making you happier? If not, there’s simply no sense in holding on to the pain, frustration and anger.

Overall, forgiveness isn’t always easy but it does lead to some pretty awesome health benefits. The only person you’re hurting when you hold on to a grudge is yourself. So, let it go and start to enjoy a happier, much healthier life.