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Benefits of Forgiveness for Your Health

Benefits of Forgiveness for Your Health

Do you struggle to forgive those who do you wrong? While it’s definitely not easy to let hurt and betrayal go, holding onto pain and anger could have a serious negative impact on your health and wellbeing.

Here, you’ll discover the benefits of forgiveness for your health and why it’s essential for your overall well-being.

Helping you to live a happier and longer life

The biggest benefit that comes from forgiveness is the fact that it eliminates the anger, stress and pain. All of the negative feelings you’re currently holding onto can really lower your quality of life. Think about it, if you could be happier and not feel so much anger, wouldn’t you want that? Well, by choosing to forgive, you can.

Not only will you be happier, but you’ll also live longer according to a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine in 2011. However, this only relates to those who can forgive unconditionally, rather than waiting for the other person to apologize first.

Helping to get rid of that anger

When you hold on to a grudge, you can end up constantly feeling angry. This means you’ll be quick to snap and feel continuously irritable. Not only is this unpleasant to deal with, but it can also have a negative effect on your heart rate and blood pressure.

When you forgive someone who has done you wrong, your stress levels automatically reduce. This in turn can help to reduce the anger you feel.

You’ll have more energy and sleep better

Are you struggling to get into a proper sleep routine? If so, it could be due to the grudge you’re holding onto.

A study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine in 2005, revealed that forgiveness can have a whole range of health benefits, including helping you to sleep better and feel less fatigued.

It’s good for your heart and immune system

We’ve already mentioned the effect a grudge can have on your blood pressure, but did you know this can lead to heart issues? Forgiveness on the other hand, helps to lower the stress and in turn, your blood pressure.

As if those health benefits weren’t enough, it can also strengthen the immune system. One study carried out on HIV victims, showed they had increased numbers of CD4 cells which are known for their benefits on the immune system, once theyd forgiven the person who hurt them.

Overall, forgiveness has plenty of health benefits. Of course, it’s also easier said than done. However, remember that forgiving somebody who hurt you doesn’t mean you have to forget. It simply allows you to let go of the anger, pain and stress which comes from holding on to a grudge.