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Benefits of Kettlebells

Benefits of Kettlebells

Whether you’re just getting into fitness, or whether you’re an experienced, keen athlete, kettlebells can provide a fantastic workout. They’re suitable for absolutely anyone to use and provide a wide range of great benefits.

Here we’ll look at just some of the benefits of kettlebells and why you might want to start incorporating them into your exercise routine.

It targets more than just your arms

Many people mistakenly think kettlebells are purely beneficial for arm workouts. However, they are surprisingly good at targeting other areas of the body. In particular, the traditional kettlebell swing helps to target the glutes, shoulders and posterior.

So, if you’re looking for a simple piece of equipment that’s going to help you tone up your entire body, a kettlebell is highly recommended.

Gentle on the body but extremely effective

Kettlebell exercises tend to flow from one to the next. This smooth transition process is really gentle on the body, reducing the risk of injury.

Some types of exercise can be really hard on the joints, but the gentle effect of the kettlebell ensures the joints aren’t pressurized.

Helping you to build up flexibility

The flowing nature of the kettlebell exercises are very similar to that of yoga. They also help you to build up flexibility like yoga too. The one advantage they have over yoga however, is that they don’t require you to hold various poses for long lengths of time.

So, if you’re looking to improve your flexibility but yoga really isn’t for you, kettlebells could be the answer.

You can use them anywhere

Kettlebells come in numerous sizes and weights and they can easily be transported. So, no matter where you are, you can keep up with your exercise routine.

Helping you to lose weight quickly

If weight loss is your main goal, the good news is kettlebells help you to lose weight quickly. The workouts tone up the body and burn a lot of calories quickly.

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, have even suggested a kettlebell workout burns just as many calories as a 6-minute mile run. They carried out tests which showed that in a 20-minute kettlebell workout, participants burned off an average of 400 calories. That’s impressive!

The above are just some of the benefits you’ll get from taking up kettlebell exercises. Helping you to lose weight and achieve a body to be proud of, one of the best things about kettlebells is the fact they are never boring to use. There’s a wide range of exercises you can complete with a dumbbell so you’ll never get tired of using them.