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5 Rules to Stay Safe While Surfing

5 Rules to Stay Safe While Surfing

5 Rules to Stay Safe While Surfing

Surfing is a fantastic hobby that delivers many health benefits. However, it can also be potentially dangerous if you’re a beginner. Before you head out into the water, it’s vital you understand the basic safety rules.

Here, we’ll look at just 5 rules to stay safe while surfing.

1. Know when to keep hold and throw your board

When a wave hits, you have just seconds to decide whether to cling on to your board or let it go. There’s actually conflicting advice on this one. Some say you should always keep hold of your board in order to protect everyone around you.

However, while it’s true you should keep hold of the board in the majority of situations, there are exceptions. If you’re about to get knocked off the board by a big wave for example, it’s much safer to let it go.

2. Understand rip tides

Rip tides are by far the biggest danger you’ll face when out in the water. These have the potential to be fatal, so you need to understand exactly what to do if you get caught in one.

Most importantly, never try to paddle against the tide. Instead, angle the board perpendicular to it and then paddle away. Remember not to panic too – you’ll be much less likely to get out of the situation if you do.

3. Always take a surfing buddy with you

Even the most experienced surfers can find themselves in trouble when out on the water. Therefore, you should always take a surfing buddy with you. Not only does this boost your safety, but it also makes it more fun too.

4. Be sure to warm up first

Due to how fun surfing is, it’s easy to forget it is a form of exercise. Therefore, if you don’t warm up properly, you could end up suffering with a muscle injury, or cramp.

If you develop a cramp while out in the water, it could be potentially dangerous. So, always be sure to do a few stretches beforehand.

5. Ensure you’re using a good surfboard

This one might sound obvious, but there’s more to choosing a surfboard than simply looking for the best design. If the board is too big, too hard or too pointed, it could be dangerous to use for a beginner.

Overall, these are just 5 basic rules to stay safe while surfing. It’s really important to familiarize yourself with surfing safety tips before you hit the water. If you follow these tips you’ll be able to safely enjoy this thrilling hobby and reap the many benefits it provides.