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5 Places to Put Your Belongings When You’re Running

5 Places to Put Your Belongings When You’re Running

Running is one of the best cardio exercises you can do. Not only does it help with weight loss, but it also helps to really improve the mood and reduce your risk of all kinds of health-related issues.

However, there’s one challenge you’ll come across when you take up this type of exercise – where can you keep your stuff that you need to take with you? You’re going to need a place you can store things such as water bottles and your smartphone.

The good news is, there are specially designed running accessories which provide all the storage space you need. Below we’ll look at 5 places to put your belongings when you’re running.

  1. Running belt

Running belt

The running belt is one of the most popular accessories for runners and it isn’t hard to see why. They’re available in many different designs and fit around the waist just like a standard belt.

One of the best things about these products is the fact you can’t even tell you’re wearing them. You can keep keys, cash and your smartphone in it and they’ll be kept fully secure.

  1. Running backpacks

Running backpacks

If you’re planning on going for long runs, it’s definitely worth investing in a runner’s backpack. These allow you to carry all kinds of accessories such as hydration systems and some additional pieces of running gear just in case. As with the running belts, they’re sold in numerous different designs and often come with lots of pockets for maximum storage.

  1. Arm bands

Arm bands

If you just need to take your phone and key with you, an arm band could be the best option. Fitting snugly around the arm, they contain a little pocket which you can slide your phone inside. It will then be kept fully secure and won’t rattle around as you run.

  1. Sports bra

Sports bra

Women have a unique storage option in the form of specially designed runner’s sports bras. They come with little pockets where you can put things like your keys and phone. Women have long been using their bras to store important items, but these unique runner’s sports bras are a little more secure than your standard bra.

  1. All in one water bottle

water bottle

Did you know there are water bottles which come equipped with hidden storage? Water is something all runners need to carry with them to stay hydrated. So, why not invest in an all in one water bottle which allows you to also store your keys, cash and driver’s license with you?

Overall, there’s a lot of accessories you can get which will safely store your stuff when you run. However, the above are considered the best 5 places to put your belongings when you’re running.