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Top 5 Best Pouches for Running 2019

Top 5 Best Pouches for Running

Best Pouches for Running 2019 – Love running but hate trying to find a place to keep your belongings? Running pouches are a convenient and safe storage solution for all of your personal belongings such as your phone, cash and keys.

There’s a lot of different running punches out there and not all of them offer the same, great quality design. To make your choice a little easier, below you’ll discover the top 5 pouches for running.

1. Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

With two convenient pockets, the Sport2People running pouch belt is definitely one of the best on the market. It offers a comfortable fit ensuring you barely notice the belt while you’re running. The two pockets also help to separate your belongings, reducing the risk of damage.

It’s waterproof too, so no matter what the weather you can be sure your items are kept safe, secure and dry.

2. Flipbelt


Created in the USA, the Flipbelt is consistently rated one of the best running pouches out there. It’s available in a wide range of colors and each offers a reflective design for maximum safety.

It’s been tested for use up to 30k and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

3. uFashion3C Running Belt Waist Pack Pouch

uFashion3C Running Belt Waist Pack Pouch

A lot of running pouches are designed purely with the iPhone in mind. So, it’s great that this one is suitable for all smartphones measuring 5.2 inches and 6.2 inches, regardless of brand.

One of the more unique features of the pouch, is its touchscreen feature. You can use the touchscreen on your phone through the belt, making it super-convenient to use.

4. Running Buddy “Buddy Pouch”

Running Buddy

Designed to fit onto a waistband, the Buddy Pouch is one of the safest and securest pouches for running. It boasts a “bounce free” fit, ensuring your belongings aren’t tossed around as you run.

It’s also waterproof and sweat resistant and can hold an impressive number of items. It’s the only running pouch you’ll need.

5. MoKo Sports Running Waist Pack

MoKo Sports Running Waist Pack

It may look thin, but the MoKo Sports Running Waist Pack can carry everything you need. It’s available in a range of different colors and provides a perfect combination of both practicality and style.

There’s two pockets and it’s fully adjustable so you can alter it to fit you perfectly.

Overall, choosing the right running pouch is important if you want to ensure your belongings are kept safe and secure. The 5 featured above are currently some of the best you can buy.