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Spiceologist Review

Spiceologist Greek Freak BBQ Rub and Seasoning, Mediterranean Spice Blend

Spiceologist Review – Looking to add mouthwatering flavors to your food this summer? Spiceologist Greek Freak BBQ Rub and Seasoning is exactly what you need. Packed full of distinctive spices, this unique blend is perfect for BBQ’s and is extremely versatile to use.

Locally produced and made with all natural ingredients, this unique spice mix is guaranteed to give your food the kick you’ve been looking for.

Gluten free, natural ingredients

Spiceology Greek Freak BBQ Rub and SeasoningThese days, it’s difficult to find ingredients that haven’t been chemically altered. However, the Spiceologist range is 100% natural. It’s also gluten free, making it ideal for those with celiac disease.

Along with dried rosemary and basil, the mixture also contains bits of sundried tomato, yeast, orange peel powder, sunflower oil, sea salt and dried onion. Together, they provide a powerful burst of mouthwatering flavor.

Made in the USA, it’s locally produced for ultimate freshness. It’s also great the manufacturer hasn’t added any filler ingredients, such as sugar. You’re getting nothing but all natural goodness in this little tub.

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Easy and versatile to use

You don’t need to be a chef to use this spice blend either. Simple sprinkle it over your food, cook and enjoy!

There’s plenty of ways you can use this rub too. It can be sprinkled over chicken, lamb, pork, steak or vegetables, and even mixed with 1-2 teaspoons of Greek yoghurt for a healthy vegetarian dip.

Its versatility is one of its leading benefits; enabling you to add flavor to a huge range of different dishes. It literally makes any dish taste great. So, if you’re looking to impress your guests this summer, this handy spice blend will make you look like an experienced chef.

Give the gift of flavor

This BBQ rub is so good, it would even make a fantastic gift. As its all natural and gluten free, it’s a particularly great gift idea for diabetics.Spiceologist - Greek Freak

You could even splash out and invest in some of the other flavors in this great range too. All have excellent reviews and offer a distinctive, yet not overly powerful taste.

Overall, the Spiceologist Greek Freak BBQ Rub and Seasoning, Mediterranean Spice Blend is a product you’re sure to fall in love with. The only real complaint you’ll likely have is the fact it doesn’t quite seem to last long enough! Once you’ve tried its mouthwatering flavor, you’ll be using it on absolutely everything!