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HemingWeigh Yoga Mat Review

HemingWeigh Yoga Mat

HemingWeigh Extra Thick High Density Yoga Mat Review

HemingWeigh Extra Thick High Density Yoga MatYoga is one of the best types of exercises you can do for lower back pain, headaches, stress, anxiety, and many other physical and mental ailments. With yoga, you are able to stretch your body, become more toned, and have better balance and flexibility. You can choose to do yoga either in a studio with others or at home alone. In either case, it helps to have a nice yoga mat. The yoga mat lets you have a comfortable place on the ground, especially if participating in yoga on a hard, cold ground.

With the HemingWeigh yoga mat, you aren’t just getting any type of thin and flimsy mat. This actually has extra-thick high-density foam, which not only provides enough padding when you are on a hard ground, but it can support different areas of your body, depending on the type of yoga poses you are doing. The foam padding also has some memory foam qualities where it can remember your body impressions. However, for some, this might be a disadvantage. If it remembers impressions of your feet, then you try to do a pose where your feet aren’t directly on the mat, it can be a little frustrating having those impressions there.

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The mat is easy to carry with you when you’re headed off to yoga class. It is easy to roll up and also comes with a carrying strap. Just connect the strap, put it on your shoulder, and go to class. You can choose from a wide range of colors if you have a color preference or would like it to match your favorite yoga outfit. Some colors include purple, black, green, blue, pink, red, and aquamarine.HemingWeigh Extra Thick High Density Exercise Yoga Mat

When you choose the HemingWeigh yoga mat, it will also be very easy to care for. This is another ideal benefit to the mat. All you need to do is wipe it off after every workout, and it should stay clean and odor-free. The material is very thick and long-lasting, as well as being durable. Though some people have found that with excessive sweat, it did start to decrease in quality over time.

This yoga mat measures about 71 inches long and 24 inches wide, so it is a good option for most adults. The foam is about ½-inch thick to help cushion your feet, hands, arms, legs, buttocks, and elbows for different types of yoga poses.

Aside from the minor drawbacks, we believe this is a good yoga mat to get you started. It offers comfort, support, and lasts a long time in its current condition.