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First Aid Kit Emergency Survival Bag for Hiking Review

First Aid Kit Emergency Survival Bag for Hiking

Survival Hax 105 Piece Emergency First Aid Kit Review

Survival Hax 105 Piece Emergency First Aid KitBest First Aid Kit for Hiking – Every year thousands of people are going to hit the trails in their local area to go hiking. Whether you are going with friends, family or by yourself it is always a good idea to be prepared for emergencies.

When you’re prepared for injuries if they ever happen you’ll be thankful that you had the foresight to get an emergency survival bag to carry in your backpack or in the back of your car.  You should always take it with you when you are hiking.  This is especially true if there is steep terrain, rocky paths or even a trail can injury you if you’re not careful.

Stepping on a rock wrong can make you twist your knee.  Unfortunately accidents happen and it is best to be prepared and with a First Aid Kit, Emergency Survival Bag for Hiking.

This bag will easily fit inside your backpack because it is compact and only measures 5 x 7 x 2 inch.  Not only can it be put in a pack, but it will fit in your glove box as well.  Plus it won’t be heavy to carry because it weighs less than a pound.

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Inside the kit you’ll find emergency items in case you get stuck out in the wilderness for the night.  You’ll get a Mylar Blanket and a fire starter.

There are several items you’ll get in this bag.  In fact you’ll get 101 survival items in total. They include triangular bandage, PBT Bandage (both large and small), roll of nonwoven tape, two nonwoven swabs, wipes, band aids, cleaning wipes, Q-tips, scissors, safety pins, CPR mask, gloves, tweezers and the first aid bag to put it all in.First Aid Kit for Emergency Survival Bag

Not a lot of emergency kits include the blanket and fire starter and this one has both of those essential items.  You could add a few items such as a small flashlight, extra gloves, hand sanitizer, lighter, pain medication and ointment to be better prepared.

The bag is made of sturdy material and inside you’ll easily be able to add a few things.  Even though there are tweezers and scissors they are not top quality and you might want to replace them.

But other than that this First Aid Kit for Emergency Survival Bag for Hiking should be an essential for anyone that wants to hike this summer or throughout the year.  This is especially true if you want to go for longer hikes or take a backpack with you.