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Heart Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Heart Healthy Breakfast Ideas

A lot of people alarmingly skip the most important meal of the day – breakfast. There are a lot of excuses too such as “I’m dieting”, “I don’t feel hungry when I wake up”, “I don’t have time” and the list goes on.

Despite the excuses, breakfast is a critical part of your day. Based on numerous studies conducted, eating breakfast jump-starts your metabolism and is actually helpful in shedding off unwanted pounds. Besides it is also helpful in curbing hunger pangs and as a result you  will feel much more energized to work throughout the day. However, there is a catch. You have to make sure that you are consuming a healthy breakfast.

To make things even more healthier, why not eat a heart healthy breakfast? This is essential for those suffering from heart ailments and to those who are already at risk. You don’t lose anything by consuming a heart healthy breakfast especially if you know you are generally healthy. In fact, you are even assured of reduced cholesterol levels and that would mean a stronger you and a boosted immune system.

Heart healthy breakfasts are low in saturated fats, devoid of trans-fats and are very rich in vitamins and minerals and especially fiber. Here are but a few examples you might want to try out. The good thing is that these meals are not only healthy but you can prepare the whole meal in just under 15 minutes.

Whole-Grain And Low-Sugar Content Cereal

Before picking any sort of cereal while shopping at the grocery store, make sure that you are looking at a reputable manufacturer. Do not forget to check the label as there are many brands on the shelf but few are really nutritious. You don’t want to end up consuming cereals that are loaded with nothing but empty calories.

To feel fuller and more satiated, add in zero to low-fat milk and top your cereal with the fruit of your choice.

Some people would actually go for half a cup of an oh-so-yummy oatmeal, again, topped with the fruit of their choice or a generous serving of walnuts or almonds. Instead of using plain water, use skim milk and you will have a heart healthy breakfast.

French Toast And Pancake

Choose pancakes and toast that are made of whole grain and wheat. Try not to be overly generous with your margarine or butter. If it is possible, you can just use spray oil. Resist the temptation of adding in syrup; instead, use the freshest picks of fruits to satisfy your craving for sweets. For your toast, it is suggested to use skim milk and egg whites. Egg yolks may be permitted but take note that yolks are high in cholesterol.


Again eggs are very nutritious food but the egg yolk is pretty high in cholesterol so it is best to eat eggs in moderation. Nonetheless, it is still considered as a heart healthy breakfast when you consume one. In instances when you feel like eating eggs, you can use the egg white to make an omelet. Add in one ounce of low-fat cheese, leftover vegetables and complement your omelet with a glass of orange juice and one to two loaves of whole-wheat bread.

Greek Yogurt

Enjoy a healthy serving of Greek yogurt. The Greek variety, compared with the traditional yogurt most of us are accustomed to is said to be creamier, tastier and thicker in consistency. In addition, Greek yogurt has fewer calories, lower sugar content, less sodium content and lower levels of lactose (making it ideal for those who suffer from lactose intolerant). The great thing is that Greek yogurt has higher levels of protein which is actually good for cellular repair and muscle toning and improvement.

To have a heart healthy breakfast, try to stay away from unhealthy toppings such as chocolates, candies, crispies and the like. Alternatively, top your yogurt with fruits, almonds, nuts and walnuts.

Nonetheless, if you may be experiencing difficulty buying the Greek variety, you can still opt for the traditional low fat yogurt.


Go for the healthier sandwiches which are made of whole-wheat buns or loaves. Try to cut down on the mayonnaise and other similar dressing as these are loaded with fats that are not heart healthy. Try the simpler sandwiches like a reduced fat peanut butter sandwich or a cheese and egg sandwich.

Opting for the healthier option is a choice you have to make today especially if you want to live as long as possible. Keep in mind that heart attacks and hardening of the arteries are leading causes of deaths worldwide. Be proactive and choose heart healthy breakfasts today.