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5 Places to Buy Fresh Fruit Online

These days you can buy practically anything online. Technology has made it really convenient to get absolutely everything you could possibly need, delivered straight to your door; including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Buying fresh fruit and produce online isn’t just more convenient, it’s also potentially cheaper too. So, where can you buy fresh fruit online? Below you’ll discover the top 5 places to look.

1. Amazon

Amazon is the largest online marketplace and fresh fruit is one of the newest types of products added to the site. You can buy fresh apples, pears, cherries, citrus and even tropical fruits; all at great low prices.

Due to its super-speedy delivery options, Amazon is by far one of the best places you can order fresh fruit and other fresh products.

2. Local Harvest

If you’re looking for a huge choice of fresh fruits, Local Harvest is just what you need. It stocks all of the common favorites, along with some more unusual fruit varieties such as Sugar Cane and Paw Paw fruits.

One of the best things about this online store however, is its huge range of other grocery products you can buy while you’re there.

3. Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct is another fantastic online fresh produce store which tocks everything you could possibly need. One of the stand-out features of this store is its awesome delivery deals. You can get unlimited deliveries for just 1 cent; making it one of the cheapest stores to get your fresh fruit.

4. Fresh Fruit and Gifts of America

This is one of the smaller stores on the list and it’s largely suited to those looking for citrus fruits. It doesn’t have a huge range available, but the fruits it does have are superior quality. There’s also a range of gifts you can buy too including beautiful gift baskets packed full of delicious fresh fruits.

5. Exotic Fruits For Sale

This hidden gem is perfect for those looking for more unusual, hard to find fruits. It specializes in tropical fruits such as Ataulfo mango, Buddhas Hand and Jack fruits. There’s also a selection of more common sounding fruits such as blood oranges, baby pineapples and custard apples.

If you’re tired of trying the same old fruits, this is definitely the site for you.

Overall, no matter what type of fruit you’re looking for, you’ll find it on one of the sites above. When looking for the best places to buy fresh fruit online, it’s important to take into account delivery, as well as cost and selection of fruit available.