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Should You Workout Longer or More Often?

Should You Workout Longer or More Often

Trying to organize your workout routine to fit your busy schedule is a struggle many people share in the fitness community. No matter how serious you are about being healthy, it can be hard finding time to fit everything in. After all, there are only so many hours in the day. It may come to the point where you’re stuck deciding between one long workout or a few short workouts during the day. Which is better?

The Benefits of One Long Workout

A single long workout can prove to be a very effective way to workout and get in your fitness routine for the day. You’ll just need to commit one solid block of time to exercise and then get it out of the way. Go as hard as you can and give it all you’ve got. You’ll be raising your heart rate and sustaining it for a good amount of time, which can increase calorie burn.

Workout your muscles to the point of tiredness means they will get stronger and stronger with each passing day. In a matter of no time, this format will have you building endurance thanks to the longer sustained heart rate and the fact that you’ll be pushing yourself for an extended period.

The Benefits of Multiple Short Workouts

Many people have trouble committing to a single long workout. Finding a block of 30-60 minutes or more during the day where you can consistently workout is extremely difficult for many people. That’s when breaking a routine up into multiple shorter workouts of 5-10 minutes each can prove to be very effective. After all, most people can manage to find 10 free minutes to workout.

Another benefit of this format is that you’re going to have time to recover in between the short workouts. This can lead to better form and posture during each workout. Overall, this can make the workouts more effective. With time to recover in between, you are likely to end up going harder overall once you add it all up. This can make it more efficient to break your workout up.