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8 Ways to Boost Your Immune System During a Pandemic

There has been a lot of conflicting news going around about COVID-19. However, the general understanding is that this respiratory illness tends to cause deaths in people with a weaker immune system or in those who have other existing illnesses.

So, it’s no wonder that millions of people have suddenly taken an interest in their health and wish to boost their body’s immune systems. The good news is that you can shore up your body’s defences in a relatively short time if you adopt the necessary measures.

Here are 8 that will give you an edge during this pandemic.

  1. Sleep

Get 7-8 hours of sleep per day. A well rested body is a healthier and stronger body.

2.Vitamin C

We all know that this is the most commonly recommended vitamin for fighting colds and preventing the flu. Unfortunately, the body does not have the ability to store vitamin C. 

So, you’ll need to consume a vitamin C supplement daily. It could be a chewable or in effervescent form that dissolves in water.

During these dangerous times, you’re better off getting your daily dosage through a supplement, rather than trying to meet your daily needs by guzzling orange juice or gnawing on broccoli.

3. Zinc

An often neglected mineral, zinc has a multitude of benefits. Your body cannot produce it. So, you’ll need to proactively consume it.

You can easily purchase zinc supplements from a health store online or offline. Only a small amount daily is required to help promote optimal health. 

Zinc will help to boost your immune system, decrease inflammation, accelerate healing and reduce the risks of age-related disease. This is especially important now because older people are more susceptible to COVID-19.

4. Probiotics

Probiotics will improve your gut health and as a result, your immunity will get stronger. It aids in the production of antibodies and also mitigates most respiratory illnesses. You definitely want to be consuming probiotics.

Yoghurt, miso, tempeh, kimchi and kombucha are excellent probiotics to include in your diet. 

5. Garlic oil supplements

Garlic is an immunity booster, and the allicin it contains has medicinal properties. This is one of nature’s most powerful foods and it works wonders at preventing diseases and improving general health.

You can get some from a health store and consume a capsule or two daily. While eating garlic is good, a supplement is easier and better because you’ll need to consume a lot of garlic to get the same amount of allicin that you get from a capsule.

You’re trying to ward off COVID-19, not Dracula. So, an easy to swallow capsule will do.

6. Exercise

Self-isolation does not mean hibernation. Exercise will boost your immunity by getting your blood circulation going and improving your strength and stamina.

Even if you’re stuck at home, there are tons of home workouts that you can do to get your daily exercise. Go ahead and try home workout programs like Insanity Max or P90X (Here is a link to the product on amazon)


You’ll be amazed at how challenging these workouts are.

Do note that excessive exercise can lower your immunity. So, exercise daily but don’t overdo it. With the coronavirus going around, you do not want a weaker immune system.

Exercise to break a sweat and get your heart pumping, but don’t work yourself daily to a point of exhaustion and tax your central nervous system unnecessarily. There are many low impact exercise programs that can be done at home such as yoga or band resistance workouts. I have reviewed a couple of these products in the past such as the sportbit resistance bands. That article can be found here.

SPORTBIT Resistance Bands Set Review

7. Breaking addictions

Quit smoking. Reduce your consumption of alcohol. Cut down your sugar intake and strive to give up any unhealthy habits you may have. 

It’ll be tough… but that’s to be expected. Embrace the challenge and overcome it. Once these detrimental habits are eliminated, you will look and feel like a brand new you.

8. Personal hygiene

Basic hygiene such as washing your hands regularly, not touching your face when you’re outside and showering the moment you get home are all simple but crucial habits that will boost your immune system.

DO NOT sit on the couch or bed when you get home from outside. You don’t know what bacteria are on your clothes… and you don’t want them transferred on to the items in your house.

Put your clothes for washing immediately and wear new ones after your shower.

By adopting these 8 measures, you’ll boost your body’s immunity and give yourself a fighting chance against COVID-19 or any other disease that tries to take root in your body.