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4 Benefits of Walking to Work Every Day

4 Benefits of Walking to Work Every Day

Walking in to work? You should be. Here are some of the top reasons why you should feel inspired to leave your car parked at home and walk in to work instead.

#1 You’ll get a breath of fresh air

If for no other reason than the sheer relaxation of being able to get outside for a few minutes before you sit down to your desk, the walk in can definitely be worth your while. Even if you don’t live in a particularly scenic neighborhood, getting outside and seeing the sun for a few moments before you get inside can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul.

You’ll be woken up in the best possible way, as nature intended, by stepping outside into the fresh air and basking in sunlight for a few minutes. This is a great trick, especially if you don’t consider yourself a morning person. In fact, you might find that your entire mood gets turned around when you pick up this simple habit!

#2 You’ll be burning calories

Did you know that walking 10,000 steps a day is equivalent to 5 miles? This is actually a very achievable goal, too, and you’ll be hundreds or even thousands of steps closer when you decide to walk into work each morning.

By walking 5 miles a day, you could be burning hundreds of calories, which can help you shed off your extra fat and get you in better shape overall. Even if you don’t have a weight loss goal, this extra physical activity is sure to help improve your mood and physique.

#3 You’ll be building endurance

Walking into work may not be equivalent to climbing a mountain, but it’s a step in the right direction. Since the average adult is getting no where near the 60 minutes of recommended physical activity each day, spending just a few minutes up and on your feet each morning can go very far in promoting good health.

Walking is a very simple activity, but it can have very positive results on your heart, your lungs, and all your major muscles.

#4 You’ll stand taller

In addition to being proud of yourself for getting in a few minutes extra of physical activity, you’ll also find that walking improves your posture. This can make you stand taller and it will engage the muscles in your midsection, which can help to make you look thinner and become slimmer with time.