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Most Common Mediterranean Food Diet List

Mediterranean Food Diet List

It’s well known that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best you can follow. Packed full of nutrient rich ingredients, those following this type of diet plan are considered some of the healthiest and happiest people.

While all of the ingredients included in the Mediterranean plan are considered healthy, some are definitely better than others. To help you get started, here we’ll look at the most common Mediterranean food diet list.

  • Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the key ingredients used in a Mediterranean style diet. It’s the ingredient responsible for providing healthy fats, while also adding a distinctive, full flavor.

Similarly, olives are widely used for their healthy fat goodness.

  • Wild salmon

Oily fish is renowned for its excellent source of Omega 3. However, if you’re looking to gain the most benefits, you’ll want to look at adding wild salmon to your diet.

Finding wild salon isn’t easy, as it’s estimated over 90% of the salmon found in grocery stores today is farm raised. While it still contains plenty of nutrients, it’s wild salmon which contains the highest quantity of healthy nutrients.

Struggling to find it? Your local fish counter will typically sell wild salmon at a competitive price.

  • Fresh vegetables and fruit

One of the key factors of the Mediterranean diet is that it contains a large amount of fresh vegetables and fruit. You’ll want to opt for plenty of different colored produce to reap the benefits.

A good selection of fruit and veg contains high levels of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

  • Beans and legumes

You’ll also find a lot of recipes ask for beans and legumes. Low in calories, these high-protein ingredients help to keep you feeling fuller for longer. They also contain very little fat so great news if you’re looking to lose weight.

  • Almonds

Provided they’re only eaten in small handfuls, almonds are an excellent ingredient of the Mediterranean diet food list. They’re excellent to snack on, contain plenty of healthy fats and they help to promote weight loss.

They also taste great too so that’s another benefit right there. Remember, eat them in moderation as they do have a high calorie and fat content.

Overall, there’s a lot of foods included in the Mediterranean diet and the above are just some of the best. It’s basically a diet which encourages you to eat wholesome foods. If followed correctly, this diet can really boost your health and provides more of a lifestyle change than an actual diet.